Donald J. Trump: VSC Honors 45th POTUS 1

Donald J. Trump was inaugurated on Friday January 20, 2017 in Washington D.C. He will take over for then President Barack Obama and his administration. The last two years were very eventful because trump was so ruthless on the campaign trail. However, he still managed to gain momentum through it all, and is now the 45th President of The United States of America. What does this mean for law enforcement? Allow me to break it down.

President Obama’s last few years in office saw a lot of tension between law enforcement officials and civilians. A lot of “racial prejudice and profiling” is what the media intended to feed the country. These stories caused a lot of conflict for law enforcement nationwide, making a difficult job even more difficult. However, President Trump is pro-police and promises more equality for every individual serving in blue. The Thin Blue Line is a symbol of service and sacrifice. Those who wear the uniform live to protect and serve their communities, and they should be treated as such.

President Trump’s main role regarding law enforcement will be to restore relations in a positive way with the community. Despite everything that happened the past year with police, there is always a higher number of the good opposed to the bad. Trump has a love-hate relationship with the media so if any outlet exaggerates a story to get traffic, he won’t mind putting them in check.

In addition, Vision Strike Coins has released a limited edition Trump coin. The “President Trump Coin” was designed to symbolize the legacy of the 45th President and highlight many of his accomplishments to come. This challenge coin is handmade and crafted at our facilities in Dallas, Texas and will be an exclusive addition to any collection.

Donald J Trump Commander In Chief Coin

Front & Back View

I have no idea what to expect starting Friday, all of us don’t. However, the man was elected for a reason and with that reason he has earned the right to be given a chance. The old saying goes, “You can’t mix business with pleasure,” but with Trump being a high-profile businessman, this could get very interesting. There are already reports saying he wants to spend equal time in D.C. and New York, but he rightfully passed down the reigns to his business to the next Trump generation (his kids). Pennsylvania Avenue is his home for at least the next 4 years.

A few years ago, I remember listening to one of his radio interviews and he said “If you borrow a million dollars and can’t pay it back, then you have a problem. However, if you borrow one hundred million dollars and you can’t pay it back, then we have a problem!” That is similar to how his presidency will be categorized. The people elected you based on your campaign, but if they receive nothing in return, Trump will receive harsh criticism.

In other words, you’re the leader of the free world. Make every decision count and we won’t have any problems. Well, at least any serious problems that America can’t overcome. That’s a different story for another day.

Until next time.