Without question the Russians have made some pretty cool fighters. The MiG-21 was no exception. Fast and sleek and very capable as a fighter interceptor whether a Russian pilot was at the controls or a North Vietnamese pilot during the Vietnam War. The MiG-21 and its nicknames include: “balalaika”, because its planform resembles the stringed musical instrument of the same name; “Ołówek“, Polish for “pencil”, due to the shape of its fuselage, and “Én Bạc“, meaning “silver swallow”, in Vietnamese. The MiG-21 was crafted into a handsome Cold War Combatants coin which is perfect for aviation and military coin collectors.

Forget Stealth Fighters: The Old MiG-21 Might Be Russia's Best Fighter Jet  Ever. | The National Interest

A Russian Fighter First.

For the first time in Russian aviation history the MiG-21 combined effectively characteristics of both fighter as well as interceptor characteristics and capable of achieving Mach 2. Her combination of design elements made her comparable to the American Lockheed F-104 Starfighter and Northrop F-5 Freedom Fighter and the French Dassault Mirage II.

Fast Hitting Little Puncher

While maybe not the best engineered aircraft the Russians produced she did have the qualities of a fighter and with that meant formidable weapons. The MiG-21 was a gunfighter and with her 1 internal 23 mm Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-23L autocannon with 200 rounds she made a formidable interceptors.

MiG-21 Fishbed USSR Cold War Combatants Challenge Coin
MiG-21 Fishbed USSR Cold War Combatants Challenge Coin

The MiG-21 has joined the ranks of a challenge series called the Cold War Combatants challenge coins which features a specific aircraft or military weapon from the Cold War. These military coins are some of the most exciting and historical coins to land at your doorstep in generations. Each coin is highly detailed with the original artwork of Vision Strike Coins and minted with dual metal gold and silver antique metals then hand painted with enamel giving them a professional and vibrant appearance. For more information about the MiG-21 coin or the Cold War Combatant Coin series please contact us at hq@vision-strike-coins.com