Protect And Serve Police Custom Engraved Challenge Coin


Protect And Serve!

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Unlike any career path is the one served by law enforcement officials. When their time to retire has arrived and they give their final Code 3 police officers and law enforcement officers remember their time in service. Retired police veterans reflect at both the good times and the bad and some of their finest accomplishments in the line of duty. This Protect And Serve Police Custom Engraved Challenge Coin was designed to capture these moments in a long and honorable career and their unique design makes them the perfect police gift.

With 80 character spaces to work with transform your engravable coin into a wonderful personal piece for yourself or a military gift for a special person in your life. We will optimize the information you provide us to help ensure it looks fantastic.

  • 80 character spaces including spaces
  • Diamond etched
  • Have your name, dates, anniversary or other important text added to your challenge coin
  • 100% Made In The USA Etched
  • Please allow 2 weeks (estimated) for engraving to be completed prior to shipping to your destination.
  • Please review all text before submitting. We will engrave what you provide.

Interested in military shirts?

If you are looking to purchase our military coins in bulk or interested in them for a military fundraiser and would like special pricing please contact us.

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