Fir Na Tine Firefighter Challenge Coin


Get your Fir Na Tine Men Of Fire Celtic Cross Firefighter Coin and enjoy one of the finest firefighter coin on the market today!

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This Fir Na Tine Men Of Fire Celtic Cross Firefighter Coin was crafted in honor of the men and women firefighters throughout the United State and Veteran Firefighters. As a designer of original challenge coins, Vision Strike Coins is directly involved in the production of these firefighter challenge coins. It is important that each challenge coin design we produce is done with originality then crafted to the highest levels of quality expected by our customers then hand painted producing the look and feel of a truly exceptional challenge coin.

  • Hand Painted with green, orange and red accents
  • Dual Tone Metallic Silver and Gold with hand painted red and green accents
  • Highly Detailed 3D Coin
  • 4mm Thickness
  • 2” Inches In Size
  • Limited Edition
  • Original Coin Art

If you are interested in creating a new custom challenge coin and would like to receive a challenge coin quote from us please let us know. Check out more of Vision Strike Coins coins designed for firefighters, law enforcement and all branches of the US Military!


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