US Navy Chief Custom Engraved Challenge Coin

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Your US Navy Chief coin like this US Navy Chief Custom Engraved Challenge Coin is the perfect gift!


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The Navy Chief has been known for over a century as the backbone of the United States Navy. The men and women in khaki wearing uniforms, as part of the Chief’s mess also known as the goat locker are known for their dedication, leadership and above all things their fierce dedication to their duties in the US Navy. This US Navy Chief Custom Engraved Challenge Coin was crafted for them. As accomplished leaders the US Navy Chief is world known as the core element that guides the effectiveness of the US Navy from its role as a global naval super power. This US Navy Chief Custom Engraved Challenge Coin is crafted out of dedication for the US Navy and its Chiefs. 

Inspired by those who live and lead by example comes this US Navy Chief Custom Engraved Challenge Coin. Our US Navy Chiefs are the backbone of the US Navy. They are heroes one and all and these military challenge coins are one way to preserve the memory of serving in the US Navy.

This US Navy Chief Custom Engraved Challenge Coin preserves the history and traditions of the US military, the units, commands and our men and women during their time in the United States Navy. This US Navy Chief Custom Engraved Challenge Coin was designed for you.

The US Navy Chief Custom Engraved Challenge Coin From Vision Strike Coins

  • USA designed and produced military challenge coins
  • US Veteran owned small business
  • Unique military challenge coins
  • Seasoned military artists
  • Licensed by the US military trademark and licensing departments

As a leading designer to the US Military we work daily with all branches of the US military from the US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, US Marine Corps and US Coast Guard. Our designs set a standard as one of the elite design firms for military challenge coins.

For over a decade we have been the leader in military veteran designed challenge coins and focus on all branches. Our extensive background as prior service provides special insight into how each military branch wants a coin design and delivers the right components and details that make each military coin design perfect for your interests.

Challenge Coin Designer To The United States Armed Forces

As a licensee to the different military branches we serve at their request designing some of the most unique challenge coins in the industry. As both a Veteran owned and operated company and with an arsenal of military artists available to our clients, we are truly honored to work with all US military branches and their units and commands all over the world. We design challenge coins for all branches of the United States military and as a Veteran owned company we are honored to work with Army Soldiers, US Navy Sailors, Air Force Airmen, US Marines and US Coast Guardsmen. 

Veteran Small Business

As a US military Veteran small business we are honored to work with you. With over 35 years of military design experience we have taken a different approach to the style, look and overall detail each of  our military challenge coin designs represent. We understand the US military and design with a complete focus geared towards the unit, military command, warship, squadron or submarine we complete these exciting challenge coins for. 

A Navy Chief coin like this US Navy Chief Custom Engraved Challenge Coin is only an example of the coins we offer as a small veteran business.

Unique Military Challenge Coins

America didn’t become a world leader by being second best. A US military veteran business believes the same thing and its this approach to challenge coins that has taken Vision Strike Coins from being a very small business to a recognized leader in offering unique military challenge coins like this US Navy Chief Custom Engraved Striking Challenge Coin.

From the art to the construction of each coin, the 3d effects, the dual metal applications like silver and gold antiquing, special shapes, serialization, hand painted enamels providing a rich and vibrant challenge coin look are the hallmarks of a unique military challenge coin we offer. 

Every challenge coin design we offer is uniquely designed with a focus on the US military both past and present and its history and traditions spanning generations. 

These are challenge coins that will keep your military career and accomplishments preserved for generations to come. Military challenge coins are created to preserve memories.

Military Licensed Coins

As a licensee to the the US military trademark and licensing departments we are honored to support their activities like the morale, welfare and recreation (MWR) programs they administer. A percentage of each sale is sent to their offices. We offer our design services on challenge coins that meet and exceed the licensing departments standards for both professional looking but also quality constructed coins. 

The US Navy Chief Custom Engraved Challenge Coin is designed and held under license with the United States military. There is no other challenge coin like this US Navy Chief Custom Engraved Challenge Coin that displays with United States military pride and captures its history quite like this coin does.

Engraved Military Challenge Coins

The US Navy Chief Custom Engraved Challenge Coin is one of the most exciting military coins in the industry. With 80 total characters (spaces included) you can have it personally custom engraved featuring your specific information. 

Share your time in the US military with dates of service, ranks and rates, warships, submarines and squadrons, military units, commands, accomplishments, deployments and more. 

When we say every coin tells a story we mean it and there is no better way to preserve those memories than with an engraved coin with the level of detail this coin produces.

Our 3d cut highly defined challenge coins are 4mm thick and offer a unique look into the world of the US military. Our goal at Vision Strike Coins is to offer a unique experience from the coin art we develop to the lasting and quality intensive focus each coin has. Your experience with these coins will become a lasting memory shared with your family and friends and passed from generation to generation.


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