Men of Fire 9-11 Squad Firefighter Coin


Withstand the heat with the 911 Squad Firefighter Coin!

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Men of Fire 911 Squad Firefighter Coin. Designed for the fire eaters. The ones that run straight into he heart of the fire and tear it out. They hurt it. They kill the fire. The crew with hoses, axes and the fiery dedication to kill Father Fire is what they are all about. They go in as a crew and they come out as a crew. Mission accomplished. Men of Fire 911 Squad Firefighter Coin.

Fire runs from the 911 Squad. This Men of Fire 911 Squad Firefighter Coin illustrates the stare of the fireman into the eyes of the fire, with crossed axes and the all too familiar Maltese cross with Courage, Honor and Rescue inscribed on this cross of dedication! May the winds be at your back!

This Men of Fire 911 Squad Firefighter Coin design is for all of those on the front line. The smoke eaters who want nothing more than to do there job. For those men and women who reward is doing a job they love doing. This is a design for those who do this for a living and do it for free, because there community needs them.

Taken from the Men of Fire 666 firefighter coin, the new Men of Fire 911 firefighter coin is antique silver with antique gold accents. The colors of red, yellow and orange are transparent an inlaid into the coin. One of our most popular coins that we have ever produced. An awesome addition to any collection.

Size: 2 inches in diameter

Thickness: 4mm

Double sided and individually numbered.

Hand painted with red and yellow enamel


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