US Navy Boatswain’s Mate Rate Challenge Coin


Anyone can make a rate but only God can create a Boatswain’s Mate!

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When it comes to military challenge coins then check out this US Navy Boatswain’s Mate Rate Coin!

Boats! You can’t have a Navy without the Boatswain’s Mates. Not now. Not ever. They are the backbone of any seagoing US Navy warship and through their care from the paint stripping with needle guns to maintaining the ship from making it clean to ensuring that critical areas of the ship are functioning properly. They carry heavy anchors as depicted in this US Navy Boatswain’s Mate Rate Coin because their jobs are not easy and they are never done. This is the original US Navy Boatswain’s Mate Rate Coin that was designed specifically for United States Boatswain’s Mates and produced in their honor. You are among the finest US Navy Sailors to ever go to sea.

US Navy coins are perfect for your USN challenge coin collection, presented to a US Navy Sailor as a gift or slammed down in challenge. Typhoons formed, hurricanes raged and King Neptune and his court applauded at the making of this USN Coin. These are coins for US Navy Sailors both past and present.

United States Navy Coins designed for US Navy Sailors, prior-service US Navy and United States Navy Veterans! Fair Winds and Following Seas Deck Apes!

Cry havoc and let slip the coins of war!

Item Number: VSWA054C
Product Type: Military Coin
Size: 2 inch (50.8mm) Special Shape
Material: Zinc with Multi-Tone Metals and Enamel. Antique gold and silver plated
Type: 3D
Thickness: 4mm

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