Gunnery Sergeant USMC Rank Military Challenge Coin


Semper Fidelis. A Gunnery Sergeant USMC Rank Military Challenge Coin crafted for US Marines.

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Challenge coins for Marine Corps war fighters. These USMC rank military coins feature the most exciting art and military designs for United States Marines. The Gunnery Sergeant USMC Rank Military Challenge Coin is created with the pride of the USMC from the artwork to the  manufacturing process and landing on the beachhead with a vibrant USMC rank military challenge coin. 

Above all things is our desire to provide nothing but the best in original US Marine Corps artwork and design for a US Marine Corps challenge coin for your division, regiment, down to the USMC rifle platoon. Our USMC rank military challenge coin knows no equal in design or quality and with each unique approach to our military ranks we have the right Marine Corps challenge coin for you. 

The Gunnery Sergeant USMC Rank Military Challenge Coin coin was produced using a variety of antique metal looks and hand painted enamel from the rank chevrons to the Kbar in the art producing an amazing US Marine Corps challenge coin. At 4mm in thickness this USMC coin drives home the level of detail a coin must possess. That is why these USMC rank coins are so highly sought after. Clean lines, sophisticated and detailed USMC art, razor sharp quality and a leader in military artwork blends together forming the finest in USMC coins in the industry.

The Gunnery Sergeant USMC Rank Military Challenge Coin From Vision Strike Coins

  • USA designed and produced military challenge coins
  • USMC Veteran owned small business
  • Unique Marine Corps military challenge coins
  • Seasoned US Marine artists
  • Licensed by the US Marine Corps trademark and licensing departments

USMC Pride

Whether it’s a coin for a Master Gunnery Sergeant, Warrant Officer, Captain. Sergeant, PFC or Master Sergeant, the decision to buy a Marine Corps rank coin rests with pride in design, pride in your rank, and USMC pride. Every USMC rank has a purpose and every USMC rank coin we design supports it.

The two toned 3D artwork often depicts your rank, the letters USMC, a Kbar, skulls art and  details and the EGA on the reverse side defining a new breed in Marine Corps challenge coins that few seldom can achieve. Each military challenge coin we offer similar to the Gunnery Sergeant USMC Rank Military Challenge Coin was designed with USMC pride.

Challenge Coin Designer To The United States Marine Corps

Hundreds of US Marine Corps commands from around the world, San Diego, Quantico, Camp Pendleton, 29 Palms, Camp Lejeune, Camp Courtney, Okinawa, Japan and Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, North Carolina as a few examples of the military commands that have received our challenge coins. 

Nothing strikes harder than the perfect USMC coin such as the Gunnery Sergeant USMC Rank Military Challenge Coin. From our beginnings as a small USMC Veteran owned company to one of the leading Marine Corps challenge coin designers we have worked with many USMC ranks, working with Privates to Sergeant Majors, 2nd Lieutenants to Commanding Generals each with a mission of securing the finest in Marine Corps challenge coins.

USMC Rank Military Challenge Coins

From the USMC tools of the trade and skull art on one side to the Eagle, Globe and Anchor on the opposite side these are some of the most top-of-line challenge coins in the industry.

With quality intensive factories and thorough inspection of all design elements each of our US Marine challenge coins like the Gunnery Sergeant USMC Rank Military Challenge Coin has set the bar very high for other brands to try and reach. 

US Marine Corps Licensed Challenge Coins

As a licensee to the different military branches we serve at their request designing some of the most unique challenge coins in the industry. The Gunnery Sergeant USMC Rank Military Challenge Coin is one example of a USMC licensed coin that has exceeded the high demands of art and quality that USMC licensing requires. 

When these military challenge coins arrive on deck they capture the surprise of many because of the originality of the art. That is why our coins stand apart and why every US Marine Corps challenge coin we produce has been planned, designed, and crafted so they can become one of your finest coins in your private challenge coin collection. 

Veteran Small Business

As a USMC Veteran small business we are honored to work with you. With over 31 years of military design experience we have taken a different approach to the style, look and overall detail of each of our Marine Corps challenge coins. We understand the US Marine Corps  and design with a complete focus geared towards the unit, military command, squadron or deployment we complete these exciting challenge coins for. 

Unique Military Challenge Coins

America and her USMC deserve only the best! As a USMC military veteran business we believe the same thing and its this approach to challenge coins that has taken Vision Strike Coins from being a very small business to a recognized leader in offering unique military challenge coins like this Gunnery Sergeant USMC Rank Military Challenge Coin.

From the art to the construction of each coin, the 3d effects, the dual metal applications like silver and gold antiquing, special shapes, serialization, hand painted enamels providing a rich and vibrant challenge coin look are the hallmarks of a unique military challenge coin we design. 

Every challenge coin design we offer like the Gunnery Sergeant USMC Rank Military Challenge Coin is uniquely designed with a focus on the US military both past and present and its history and traditions spanning generations. These are challenge coins that will keep your military career and accomplishments preserved for generations to come. Military challenge coins are created to preserve memories. Every Marine Corps challenge coin tells a story and serves to pass from generation to generation the highlights of honor, commitment and tradition found within the US Marine Corps.

Designing State-Of-The-Art Military Challenge Coins

Becoming a leader in state-of-the-art military challenge coins means having the experience. Creativity and drive to perform at a level others seldom attain. Just like the USMC and some of its challenges as a warrior elite, every leader must meet the challenges and demands it encounters. US Marine Corps coins are no different. How does the special coin shape make sense? Should we go 2d or 3d with the design and do we want full color or a more subdued tactical look. The Gunnery Sergeant USMC Rank Military Challenge Coin has the best because it is 3d on both sides, contains dual metal highlights and accents, cut to a depth of 4mm which makes it loud enough to be heard 3 blocks away when you slam it down on the bar!

Whether you’re designing a coin for the 1st Marine Division or a V-22 Osprey, Weapons Platoon, Marine Air Group, medium helicopter squadron, Marine Expeditionary Unit coin or even a small order of coins for a deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan the road to the perfect coin is the same. Consistent, exceptional art, originality and the drive to make the coin at the highest levels. 

Whether it’s a coin for Marine Corps school of Infantry West, School of Advanced Warfighting, Expeditionary Warfare School, Command and Staff College, Marine Corps War College or Officer Candidates School and their recent graduating classes of USMC officers we have done them.

A Gunnery Sergeant USMC Rank Military Challenge Coin is the perfect combination of military art and US Marine Corps history and traditions.

If you have any questions about this Gunnery Sergeant USMC Rank Military Challenge Coin feel free to contact us at

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