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When the United States Marines demand the finest in original challenge coins they turn to Vision Strike Coins because of military coin designs like this USMC World Tour Marine Corps Challenge Coin. Exclusively offered challenge coins with vibrant colors, antique silver and gold accents, highly detailed that preserve the history and traditions of the USMC is what helps these USMC coins to stand apart from all others. The USMC World Tour Marine Corps Challenge Coin is one example of the quality one experiences with challenge coins. As USMC challenge coins have taken on a spearhead leadership role with the elevated design and detail few challenge coin companies can produce it is this type of military coin that honors your time in the United States Marine Corps. Both active duty US Marines and US Marine Veterans both enjoy these challenge coins because of their ability to improve, overcome and adapt to the ever changing demands of the coin industry. Coins found at VSC have been given by Generals to their Marines, pressed into the hands of US Marines by battalion commanders, taken into the skies in US Marine F-18 Hornets bringing good luck with them and have been to Iraq and Afghanistan with a number of US Marine military units and commands.

As a US Marine owned and operated business it is is essential that VSC does the job right from the very inception of a coin design to the final production so that the coins US Marines carry with them are among the very finest, Our coins must be seen and perceived as the finest and it is our attitude to give the USMC because they demand it. USMC coins are constructed with a highly skilled team of coin craftsman, designed from historic references and then discussed with US Marines to gain perspective and tighten up any details that must become part of their coins.

If your USMC military unit or command is looking to have incredible challenge coins designed with a unique look and the highest quality in the industry let us know. Email us at for more information or contact us at custom challenge coins to receive a quote.

Vision Strike Coins has been producing original challenge coin art for the US military for over a decade. US military units have requested challenge coin designs from us in support of their fundraising activities such as MWR, also working closely with FRG coordinators crafting some of the finest challenge coins in the military marketplace. USMC challenge coins make a statement about your military unit, command, leadership and more. The USMC have taken challenge coins we have designed on their behalf to duty stations all over the world, have exchanged coins with brothers and sisters in arms and have been presented coins by their commanders for their hard work and dedication. It has been an honor to work with these units and the men and women that serve with them.

Take a tour with the United States Marine Corps and take front stage as you learn about the history and heritage of the USMC and the tour of battle fought and won since 1775! We bring the classics from 1775 to the present.

A list of the battles found on side be are as follows:

War of the Revolution 1775-1783
French Naval War 1798-1801
War with Tripoli: 1801-1805
The War of 1812: Jun 18, 1812 – Feb 18, 1815
Battle of Twelve Mile Swamp: Sept. 11,1812
Battle of Quallah Batto: Feb. 6,1832
The Florida Indian War: 1835-1842
Mexican War: 1846-1847
Battle of Shanghai: April 4,1854
Battle of Ty-Ho Bay: August 4,1855
Battle of The Barrier Forts: Nov. 16-22, 1856
Battle of Waya: October 6, 1858
The American Civil War: 1861-1865
Battle of the Salee River Forts: June 10-11,1871
War with Spain: April 21- August 13,1898
Philippine Insurrection: June 30,1898 – July 4,1902
Battle of Tagalii: April 1,1899
Chinese Relief Expedition: June – August 1900
Nicaraguan Campaign of 1912: 1912-1933
Capture of Veracruz: April 21 – 22,1914
Occupation of Dominican Republic: May 5,1916 – Sept. 17,1924
Occupation of Haiti: July 28,1915 – August 31,1934
World War I: April 6,1917 – November 11,1918
World War II: December 7,1941 – August 15, 1945
United Nations Action, Korea: June 27,1950 – July 27, 1953
Landing in Lebanon: July 15 – September 30, 1958
Landing in Thailand: May 16 – August 10, 1962
Dominican Republic Intervention: April 28 – January 6, 1965
The War in Vietnam: March 15, 1962 – January 28, 1973
Operation Eagle Pull: April 1975
Operation Frequent Wind: April 1975
Mayaguez Rescue Operation: May 1975
Iranian Hostage Rescue Attempt: April 1980
Grenada Landing: October – November 1983
Lebanon Deployment: Aug. 1982 – Feb. 1984
Desert Shield and Desert Storm: August 1990 – April 1991
Bosnian Peacekeeping Operations: 1991-Present
Somalia Relief Operation: 1992-1993
Haitian Operation: 1994-1996
Rwanda Evacuation: April 1994
Somalia Evacuation: Jan-Mar 1995
Persian Gulf Deployment: Nov. 1995-May 1996
Operation Joint Guardian: 1999
Operation Iraqi Freedom Mar: 2003 – Dec 2011
Operation Enduring Freedom: May 2003 – Present
Operation Inherent Resolve: June 2014 – Present


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