US Navy Submarine Force Grim Reaper Coin is the Deadliest Force At Sea

Vision Strike Coins presents the US Navy Submarine Force Grim Reaper Coin. It is no secret that the United States remains safe due to the Naval Forces that patrol the seas. The US Navy plays a pivotal role in national security, and it’s only right to honor them with a challenge coin.

The Grim Reaper is known for taking lives. If you mess with the United States, we will come after you. Our forces at sea have a weapon arsenal that is out of this world. So out of this world that one wrong move will take you out. However, we don’t promote or encourage violence. This coin stands as a representation for how lethal the US Navy can be when force is applied.

The US Navy Submarine Force Grim Reaper Coin Blog: The Deadly Force at Sea 1

US Navy Submarine Force Grim Reaper Coin

Submarines patrol the depths of the ocean. There are miles and miles of sea level to tread. These depths allow threats to form from all angles. It is best to be prepared at all time. Our submarine forces will detect anything out of the ordinary no matter how big the threat.

The US Navy Submarine Force Grim Reaper Coin is truly the deadliest force at sea. Vision Strike Coins has intrigued the design of the grim reaper in an antique gold and silver colorway. In addition, there reads a quote at the bottom, “Take her fast, take her deep, take her where the fishes sleep.” This quote definitely tells you that if you get on the US Navy’s bad side, they will take you down to the depths where you will never be seen again.

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