What is our Code of Conduct?

It’s our Too Easy return policy. Your Vision Strike Coins are covered for life.

It is our goal for all our customers to be pleased with their military coins. One way we do this is by offering a no excuse return policy. If a coin is not to your liking you can return it. We simply ask that it following the conditions below:

1. The coin must be in its original condition and free from marks, chips or damage of any kind. It must be returned in its original condition.
2. All coin returns and outgoing mail costs will be incurred by our customers.
Be advised, there may be instances where exact items cannot be reproduced or replaced. However, exchanges of equal or lesser value are accepted.

Please include your name

The original Order ID Number and/or the billing name

Reason for the exchange

Any updated contact/shipping information

Send all returns or exchanges to:

Vision Strike Coins
ATTN Code of Conduct Guarantee
6312 SW Capitol Hwy Box 209
Portland, OR 97239

or email us at: