About Us

US Marines, US Army, US Navy, and US Coast Guard (US Air Force not just yet but we are working on it) Veterans are working behind the scenes at VSC.

Their combined efforts, experience, love and respect for members of the United States military are working hard behind the wire to develop original military art for display on the metal military challenge coins found at Vision-Strike-Coins.Com.

Many sites and companies purchase their coins from the offices of Vision-Strike-Wear.Com, Navycrow.Com, Devildogshirts.Com, Fireandaxes.Com, Sgt Grit many more that we are honored to work with on eBay, Amazon and other online retail sites.

Why VSC Coins?

Originality, quality of design, 3D and uncompromising attitude of forging the finest military challenge coins in the industry is their credo and mission they have undertaken.

Others have tried to copy us and have swindled the public into thinking it was their design or concept. Nothing could be further from the truth because only a VSC coin design is produced here and nowhere else.

Sure others see some our original pieces of military art and want to unfairly acquire them. We don’t adopt this attitude. We don’t look over our shoulders.

We forge ahead and we create originality.

We welcome those that do the same. Compete but don’t don’t cheat we like to say. There are many great companies out there that produce coins and we like to consider ourselves one of them and then there are the ones that kid around and pretend to create art on the laurels of others.

Don’t be fooled by them because at the end of the day there are the leaders and then there are the ones that kid you.

It’s All About You

Why are we here?


Simply put it is the US military both active duty and retired that gets us up in the morning and has us go to work thinking how best to serve our brothers and sisters.

You are why we are here.

You matter and it is you that we craft original military art displayed on challenge coins. Your unit, squadron, command, warship, submarine, detachment, hospital, CPOA, FCPOA, SCPOA and other activities such as MWR and other fundraising committees have turned to us for their ball, anniversary, and military birthdays. CPO Selects have participated with VSC Coins and have had some of the finest US Navy coins along with the other US military branches ever produced for them made.