Army Division Challenge Coins

Army Division Challenge Coins represent one the largest US Army military structures at the division level. With over 15,000 US Army Soldiers these Army Division Challenge Coins were crafted to the highest level of quality and original design for them. US Army divisions like the 82nd Airborne, 1st Armored Division, 101st Air Assault Division and more are represented with cutting edge challenge coin art and design.

Our US Army Veterans and prior service also acquire these coins because of their originality and unique characteristics. Each of our Army Division Challenge Coins is cut to a depth of 4mm, produced with dual 3D elements featured on both sides of these Army coins and manufactured with dual metallic silver and gold plating which gives them that unique look and feel. Having these coins in your personal Army coin collection or given as a military gift to your Soldier, friend or fellow Soldier with this level of coin quality is a sign of respect. US Veterans enjoy these coin because they honor their service while in the US Army and while assigned to these Army Division. History and heritage is at the core of the US Army and why it is so important for Vision Strike Coins to produce the finest in Army coins. We feel it is a responsibility to honor and respect our military and its history with the messages, unit history and quality our Soldiers expect and deserve.

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