Navy Challenge Coins

Navy challenge coins with razor sharp military artwork are exclusively offered to our US Navy active duty, reservists, prior service and US Veterans. US Navy engraved coins which are some of the finest custom challenge coins found in the industry. Each design is crafted with dual tone metal plating, cut to a depth of 4mm and displays with US Navy pride your US Navy warship, submarine, squadron or similar interest in challenge coin form. Perfect as a military gift or displayed in your challenge coin collection.

From design to mold, production to finished product each of our challenge coins are inspected so that 100% of them are made to exact specifications. The US Navy has had Vision Strike Coins producing coins for their commands, warships, submarines, squadrons and fundraising activities for over a decade. Our coins have been handed out by Admirals, produced for ships like the USS Constitution, seen behind the President Of the United States desk and displayed in their personal collections in the White House and Oval Office, crafted to support the MWR activities of FCPOA’s, SCPOA’s, Chief’s Messes’ and Goat Lockers all over the world. It has been an honor for us to have worked with so many United States Navy Sailors and support the history and traditions of the US Navy.

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