Army Challenge Coins

Army Challenge Coins crafted for the men and women of the United States Army. The razor sharp Army coins offered promote with Army pride the military units our Soldiers have been in, displays with the highest coin quality a slogan, military occupation specialty or recognizes the achievement of our active duty, reservists, prior service and US Army Veterans.

Our US Army Soldiers deserve the best in challenge coins because they are among America’s finest and their passion to support the freedoms of this country deserve the best.  Army designs featured on these Army challenge coins cover the topics our US army have asked us to design on their behalf. The fundraising activities of the United States Army in support of FRG coordinators and MWR officers experience the finest of challenge coin designs. US Army Veterans have these coins in their personal collections or have given them out to a brother in arms. Each US Army challenge coin tells a story from the design it features to the message, slogan or detail it conveys. Each of our Army coins are 3D, dual plated silver and gold metal accents, hand painted with enamel and cut to a depth of 4mm. These coins are exclusively designed and offered.

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