Custom Challenge Coins Terms and Conditions

DEPOSIT: If a custom, original 3D design is requested to produce your custom challenge coins a 1 time deposit of 150.00 is requested. The deposit covers the time to create a fantastic and cutting edge custom challenge design. Other companies do not offer this service and rely on their overseas factories to produce their art. Our custom challenge coin designs we have worked on in coordination with the US Military have seen the inside of the White House, the deck of the USS Constitution and created for hundreds if not thousands of US military command spanning the globe. The designs we create are original. They are hand drawn and they produce the desired results with fundraising and successful events for MWR’s and FRGs, US Navy Chief’s Messes, FCPOAs, SCPOAs, JEAs and similar non profit activities found within the US Military. Custom challenge coin art deposits are a design fee (not a requirement) and are not refundable. Design deposits are not required if you provide a concept and want us to provide a custom challenge coin draft. We can and will for you.

All orders require 50% down after art approval/ 50% after mold/die and sample approval prior to full production of all custom challenge coins. Full payment MUST be received before orders will be shipped. Payment can be made by check, money order, credit card, or PayPal. Checks require 7 Business Days to Process. All PayPal or credit card payments will incur a 3.9% courtesy fee. There is a $75.00 charge for returned checks. Once payment is made for your custom challenge coin order the order will be placed into production. All sales are final at this time and no refunds will be provided.

Custom challenge coin order ship dates are not guaranteed. Production times for most 2d coin orders are roughly 10-14 business days prior to shipping. More complicated coins such as 3d, multi-color plated coins can take longer. PLEASE PLAN FOR TIME SENSITIVE JOBS IN ADVANCE.

All Rush orders will be subjected to a rush fee based on needed turnaround time and current workload. To discuss the actual rush charge please contact a sales rep at Search Results (503) 683-1013. All rush orders must be noted in the special instructions field.

Prices do not include shipping (unless otherwise specified). Any changes may result in extended turnaround times. Vision-Strike-Coins.Com is not responsible for any loss, damage or shipping delays caused by a delivery carrier. Your acceptance of art and payment is full acceptance to these terms and conditions.

Art proofs when sent are the responsibility of our customers to review every detail. Once the art proof is returned as accepted you accept full responsibility for its contents. Size, art, shape and all details associated with the art proof are approved. Any changes made to the art proof by you may result in additional art fees at a rate of $75.00/hr. If tooling has been produced post art proof but prior to production an additional tooling charge will be assessed and paid for in full prior to the continuation of coin production.

Orders are subject to overruns and/or under runs due to the nature of the minting process. Generally if we have over runs and you will receive a few extra coins free of charge. In some cases an under run in a certain coin will occur. If there are misprints of any kind we will adjust your bill. If your bill is finalized, then the credit will be held and used on your next order.

* Claims for damages, defects or shortages must be submitted in writing along with photographs within 10 working days after the delivery of the product.
* In the event of an order misprint, ALL of the original order must be returned.
* Any orders left at Vision-Strike-Coins.Com over 90 days will be treated as abandoned and will be donated to charity and all deposits will be forfeited.
* Vision-Strike-Coins.Com liability shall be limited to the stated sales price of any defective goods. We will not be liable for any consequential damages such as profit loss etc.
* For legal purposes, the venue for any dispute shall be Portland, OR.
* Prices, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Please read all information on our website before submitting your order.
* Because Coin Minting is custom made merchandise, cancellation of an order will result in charges for any set up or pre mint costs incurred before cancellation and all restocking fees incurred by our company.
* Orders cannot be canceled once production and minting has begun. All orders are subjected to restocking or tooling fees if cancellations are made before any production or art prep has happened.