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The Gods from Zeus to Apollo to the warriors of old, Achilles, King Leonidas, Alexander III of Macedon, Hannibal and their Spartan Phalanx, the Roman Legions, the Mongol Cavalry, the Samurai were all visionaries in the art of war and sought perfection as soldiers and understood the need for the finest of metals and craftsmanship in their trade. Every sword sharpened and every shield hardened.

As metal military coin artisans every detail and design, stamp and coin must be looked upon in the same manner as these warriors would look upon the warlike tools of their trade. When Mount Olympus, Valhalla, the loftiest peaks of Timbuktu, Vulcan’s Forge, even the blacksmith of the Gods, Hephaestus call in for a SITREP on their military coins they call Vision-Strike-Coins.


Because their warriors want the very best when it comes to military challenge coins. They deserve it and so do you!

US Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen from antiquity as far back as the Roman Empire and its Legions to the present day have been part of the military challenge coin experience. Their weapons of iron and steel, the sword, the spear, and their shield marked them as soldiers using these tools of war. The military challenge coin was right there with them in the wars, campaigns, and battles crossing the centuries.

When you possess a military challenge coin you are participating in the history and traditions of centuries found on the battlefield.

Every military coin a challenge. Every military coin a salute!