This Sniper One Shot One Kill Military Challenge Coin was crafted with original military art for our United States military and veterans. An exceptional sniper coin produced with the level of quality few achieve within the challenge coin industry. A US military coin like this Sniper One Shot One Kill Military Challenge Coin is designed with specific design and detail from the military art to the depth of 4mm which allows a deeper cut, dual plated gold and silver metal accents and 3D effect to be produced. Each challenge coin that is produced by Vision Strike Coins undergoes extreme quality controls from the design to the final military coin production ensuring that we deliver only the finest for our US Military, US Veterans and prior service.

If your military unit or command is looking to have incredible military challenge coins designed with a unique look and the highest quality in the industry let us know. Email us at for more information or contact us at custom challenge coins to receive a quote.

Vision Strike Coins has been producing original military challenge coins for the United States Armed Forces for over a decade. US military units have requested military challenge coin designs from us in support of their fundraising activities such as MWR, also working closely with FRG coordinators crafting some of the finest military challenge coins in the military marketplace. Military challenge coins set a standard and make a statement about your military unit, command, division, regiment, battalion, company, platoon and more. They honor the history and tradition of the military with pieces that convey messages that span decades and more and keep the fighting spirit emblazoned on each challenge coin we make. The US military and its incredible men and women in uniform have taken military challenge coins we have designed to duty stations all over the world, have exchanged coins with brothers and sisters in arms and have been presented coins by their commanders for their hard work and dedication. It has been an honor to work with these military units and the men and women that serve with them.

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