Hel Viking Norse God Ancient Coin


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Inspired by the television History Channel series Vikings the Hel Viking Norse God Ancient Coin is one of the original mythological godlike coins offered by Vision-Strike-Coins.Com. At 2 inches the Hel Viking Norse God Ancient Coin packs a powerful design with the fury of an ancient artistry. These ancient coins celebrate the many empires and civilizations of history. Inspired by games like Age Of Empires 2 which educates us on the powers and warring capabilities of past cultures like the ancient Greeks, Vikings, Celtics, Romans and their loyalty and dedication towards their gods. Each of these ancient coins feature dual toned antique silver and gold metals, produced with an original 3d look and the exclusive artwork of Stay Frosty Enterprises, LLC. These mythological and ancient coins are part of a collection of coin art that is created for coin collectors and those with an affinity towards history and the influence the ancient gods had over mankind, animals and the elements across the world.

Vision Strike Coins has been producing original US Navy challenge coin art for the US military for over a decade. US military units have requested challenge coin designs from us in support of their fundraising activities such as MWR, also working closely with FRG coordinators crafting some of the finest challenge coins in the military marketplace. US Navy challenge coins make a statement about your military unit, command, warship, submarine, squadron and more.


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