USAF K9 Security Forces Defensor Fortis Coin


The USAF K9 Security Forces Coin for the K9 teams of the USAF.


The U.S. Air Force Security Forces (also known as K-9 Security Forces) use specially trained dogs to support security operations, including detection of explosives, patrol duties, and apprehension of suspects. These dogs are trained to work with their handlers to provide a high level of security for Air Force installations and other sensitive areas. The USAF K9 Security Forces Defensor Fortis Coin was created in their honor.

Above all things is our desire to provide nothing but the best in original military artwork and design for a single Airman to a squadron. Our US Air Force military challenge coin knows no equal in design or quality.

The USAF K9 Security Forces Defensor Fortis Coin was produced using a variety of antique metal looks and hand painted enamel from the rank chevrons to the Hap Arnold USAF logo, celestial space background, M4 Rifles, satellite, skull with beret in the art producing an amazing US Air Force challenge coin. At 4mm in thickness this USAF coin drives home the level of detail a coin must possess. That is why these USAF rank coins are so highly sought after. Clean lines, sophisticated and detailed USAF art, razor sharp quality and a leader in military artwork blends together forming the finest in Air Force coins in the industry.

USAF K9 Security Forces Defensor Fortis Coin Product Details

  • USA designed and produced military challenge coins
  • Military Veteran owned small business
  • Unique Air Force military challenge coins
  • Seasoned US veteran artists
  • Licensed by the military trademark and licensing departments

Defensor Fortis” is Latin for “Defender of the Fort” and is the motto of the U.S. Air Force Security Forces. It emphasizes the role of the Security Forces in protecting and defending Air Force installations, personnel, and resources.

U.S. Air Force Challenge Coins are collectible coins that are traditionally given as gifts or awards to recognize achievements, commemorate special events, or build camaraderie among members of the Air Force community.

These coins are usually metal and bear the emblem, motto, or other distinctive symbol of a unit, organization, or mission within the Air Force. The tradition of challenge coins dates back to World War I, and they have since become a popular military collectible and symbol of pride and service in the U.S. Air Force.


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