Choosing Sides for Popeye Not On Green Spinach 1Choose your side with Popeye.

The United States Navy is very prestigious. Not just in in the US Military system, but around the world. It is also highly respected among the seven seas and every body of water that can be occupied by a major threat.

The US Navy has also given us two characters that are highly favored in society, Popeye and Mao Tse Bluto. Vision Strike Coins has taken notice of the prestige these two characters provide, which leads us to a new challenge coin.

The “Popeye vs Mao Tse Bluto Anti Commie Flip Coin” is officially here. This new challenge coin is more than the ordinary, it’s a flip coin. Which means you can choose a side or let the coin do the deciding. Popeye has been iconic for decades and this collector coin hopes to follow in its idols path.

Choosing Sides for Popeye Not On Green Spinach 2

Popeye vs Mao Tse Bluto Flip Coin

We all love a good battle. Mao Tse Bluto serves as Popeye’s main rival in this edition. It can elevate to a Mortal Kombat role or we can take it back to Dragon Ball Z. This coin will surely provide a lot of fun and look great in any collection.

This coin is in a 2 inch special shape with 3D accents, and is made from zinc metals/enamels. In addition, the antique silver and gold colorways provide a retro look that every generation can appreciate.

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