Boeing wanted a special custom challenge coin and contacted Vision-Strike-Coins.Com to design it.

When one of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world, Boeing, wanted a custom challenge coin designed for their executive protection team they called Vision-Strike-Coins.Com. It was clear from the very first phone call with Chris that they had a vision for what they wanted in their custom challenge coin. At Boeing it was instrumental to have several of their commercial aircraft as well as military platforms they manufacture, including a NASA capsule finished with a solitary knight holding his sword. Boeing had the vision of what they wanted and was ready to strike with a coin design after viewing the many challenge coins at Vision-Strike-Coins with their approach to detail, the 3D style and multi-level elements they knew they had arrived at a company that could deliver it.

The Boeing executive team that spearheaded this custom challenge coin for their group, made up of several US military veterans, wanted four critical words cut into the placards on the coin: Vigilance, Integrity, Honor and Loyalty. All incredible words associated with the Boeing Company.

In Omnia Paratus the Latin phrase for “ready for all things” truer words could not be more convey considering the role of the Executive Protection Team and what their role played. It also had a much larger vision when it came to Boeing and its vision to anticipate the needs of society by providing solutions to any challenge it encounters.

Custom Vision Strike Challenge Coin a Hit for Boeing 1

The Boeing challenge coin on the reverse side captured the Boeing totem symbolic of its roots to Seattle, Washington and the Pacific Northwest replete with Native American tribes and names. Several of Boeing’s locations from Seattle, Dallas, Washington, D.C. and Chicago were also present and accounted for. The overall coin measured 2 inches in diameter with dual toned antique silver and gold metal plating produced to a depth of 4mm. The resulting coin brought a great deal of excitement when it was presented to Boeing.

One response we received from this Boeing custom challenge coin design came from a Medal Of Honor Recipient associated with Boeing.

“Thought I would share some feedback about the coin.  I gave one to one of our medal honor winners and he said “”this is the best coin I have ever seen””.  Great praise considering the source.”

Custom Vision Strike Challenge Coin a Hit for Boeing 2

This is our ultimate goal at VSC when it comes from design to final product. We are passionate about serving the custom challenge coin needs of all our clients and with each coin design and project the opportunity to work with our clients who are the very best at what they do is why we do what we do. You are at the heart of our driving force to produce some of the finest custom challenge coins in the industry.

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