Firefighters Stay Ready . Firefighters are known for running into burning buildings, rather than away from them. Therefore it is important for them to stay ready at all times.

Vision Strike Coins introduces a new coin for all firefighters resembling their prompt nature. The “Hot Sweaty & Always Ready Coin” is here to do just that.

When it gets too hot, you start to sweat. One could imagine that these civil servicemen and women are always sweating since they are around heat all the time. Even if the sweat part is true, there’s no secret about fires creating heat. This coin brings that reality to new heights by reminding everyone that regardless of being hot and sweaty, firefighters are always ready.

There are times when unexpected things can occur at any scene, but they all expect the unexpected. It’s a part of the job to be ready no matter what happens and that is what makes firefighting a proud occupation.

The “Hot Sweaty & Always Ready Coin” is 4mm thick and 2 inches in diameter. In addition, the antique gold and silver colorway provides a unique yesteryear look.

Firefighters Stay Ready When The Unexpected Hits The Fan 1

Hot Sweaty Always Ready Coin

“The Hot Sweaty Always Ready Coin represents moments notice when you are out the door. Eating dinner or in a deep sleep, the tone goes off and you go from zero to wide open in a matter of seconds. The job isn’t defined by the weather, you have heat from the fire and heat from the sun, the job must get done. Firefighters are Hot, Sweaty and Always Ready……sums it up.”

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