After years of celebrating certification achievements with t-shirts for pilots training across the nation by many flight schools one CFI introduces a new way to acknowledge his students’ success…

Fly with Eric out of Ramona, Ca has started giving custom engraved challenge coins when his students achieve certification in Private Pilot, Commercial, etc. with personalization that will last a life time. Shirts are cool but unless you never wear it after a few years it fades and gets old. Not with a personalized Flight School engraved challenge coin with your student’s name, rating and date of achievement that can be displayed in a shadow box as they complete more ratings or in their pocket as a good luck charm or when that coin challenge begins they will be ready!

Flight School Pilot certifications get a face lift 1

If you are a flight instructor looking to update your t-shirts to something new that will last as well as a unique challenge coin design exclusively for your flight school email us for more information at