When collecting challenge coins the question will soon arise of how to choose a challenge coin display. There are many factors in determining the best way to put your challenge coins on display for friend and family to admire. Challenge coin are very popular these days.

How to Choose a Challenge Coin Display 1

Not only have challenge coins become popular in the military where it began it has also crossed over into other profession similar to armed services such as law enforcement. In addition many veterans more prone to none policing action choose the life saving and protection services of firefighting and other first responders.

How many challenge coin(s) to display?

Depending on your interest level or service interactions one can collect a large amount of challenge coins to display. This can make choosing a display case difficult. So its a good idea to figure to how many challenge coins you are planning on displaying before choosing.

For instance if you have more than a dozen you might want to consider using a large shadow box for getting the most into one display case as possible. These are very common and usually have a glass door that latches to open or close accessing the coins that rest on rows of small shelves to keep them in place.

How to Choose a Challenge Coin Display 2

If you only have a few then a small desk top display may be adequate for showing off your collection to those visiting your work or man cave at home. These come in various sizes so you should be able to find one small enough or large enough to hold the amount of challenge coins to display.

Challenge coin display

Consider Choosing outside the Shadow Box

There are literally hundreds of shadow box and table top displays available online for collectors to browse and ship for easily accommodating most challenge coin display needs. Sometimes however it may become necessary to look for something more unique.

How to Choose a Challenge Coin Display 3

Many new custom retailers are offering styles and looks to accommodate individual customization for displaying your challenge coins in the best way possible. If this is important to you, which most the time it is, consider searching for a personalized challenge coin display for your unique coin collection.

Many specific unit within the military, law enforcement and firefighters have many new custom wooden and other types of material available of these individual unit logos for displaying coins. These can really highlight the careers of any military personnel or simply building your collection while still serving.

How to Choose a Challenge Coin Display 4

Remember when you are choosing a Challenge coin display there are many things to consider mainly your personal taste and desires for how you want your favorite coin collection to be shared with the world.

Size Matters

Also don’t forget many new challenge coins come in different sizes and shapes. Some are also thicker with 3d relief images making them hard to slot into most display cased. Some challenge coin shadow box displays are too thin and the glass window door will sometimes not be able to close due to the abnormally large sized challenge coins.

Make sure you measure the thickness of these coins before choosing a case that will not be able to work or hold them upright. Be sure the notches that the coin edge slides in are thin enough to hold the coin upright instead of falling over due to lack of leverage on the coin balance.

How to Choose a Challenge Coin Display 5

After you have made you choice heck out the following article on how you can learn 5 Top Tips for Organizing your Challenge Coins Displays to get the most out of your challenge coin display collection.

Good luck on making your Challenge Coin Display the best!