Well unless you have moved out of country in the last 24 hours, never look at any form of news, stay away from politics in every conceivable way and never listen to a single word of opinion coming from your neighbor, employer, worker bee friends then you will want to know why this coin is so desperately desired by Hunter Biden. He can’t have this coin because it’s an American coin and it’s made for Americans.

USA American Citizen National Anthem Challenge Coin

Here is a list of many reasons Hunter Biden can’t have this challenge coin is pristine from its initial creation to its final completion when it arrived in the challenge coin industry.

  1. This coin was not created, designed or purchased by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party).
  2. A million dollar ring was not given as a bribe in the creation of this coin
  3.  This coin is not made with Russian disinformation
  4. The Department Of Justice didn’t participate in the investigation of this coin
  5. The FBI did not raid our little challenge coin company when it was first created. No documents were found associated with the creation of this coin
  6. No exorbitant art sale was found in connection with the development of this coin
  7. No drugs or hookers were found in the same room as this coin
  8. This coin was never seen on Hunter’s laptop in any way shape or form
  9. This coin does not share the same office space with CCP energy officials and Sleepy Joe Biden
  10. No slave trafficking was associated with the creation of this coin
  11. CNN, CSPAN, NPR and other fake news outlets did not cover the creation of this coin
  12. This coin did not serve on the Burisma Energy board.
  13. This coin has not slept with the wife of its brother
  14. Cryptocurrency billionaire did not steal funds, donate them to Dems and then go bankrupt producing this coin
  15. This coin has not made business trips with its “Big Guy” on Air Force 2 selling access for favors

So the very reason we like to call this the American Citizen (pronouns not withstanding) challenge coin was because it was designed by Americans for Americans and supports American values. One reason Hunter Biden Can’t Have This Coin and the Reasons Why. We would also like to mention no animal was harmed or killed in the making of this coin.