Vision Strike Coins is celebrating Independence Day with a patriotic sale. We all celebrate the fourth of July with fireworks, cookouts, and American flag apparel. However, we’re adding to the festivities with patriotic themed challenge coins.

We have always been about everything American. This is the greatest country on the planet after all. When America’s birthday comes around you know it’s all about celebration. That is why all of our exclusive patriotic challenge coins will be on sale all weekend long until July 4, 2017. Here are the coins you can get your hands on for America’s 241st birthday.

  1. Oath to The U.S. Constitution Coin

On Independence Day, what can be more patriotic than the U.S. Constitution? The “Oath to the U.S. Constitution Coin” is a timeless piece that represents what America is all about. Nothing is more important to America than its rights and freedom. While the US Constitution protects all citizens of the USA, Vision Strike Coins protects its history engraved with an antique gold and silver challenge coin.

Independence Day: The Freedom for Murica’ 1

2. Donald J Trump Commander in Chief Coin

Well of course the next patriotic symbol when it comes to America is the President of the United States. We have you covered on a challenge coin for President Trump himself. That’s right! We proudly introduce the “Donald J Trump Commander in Chief Coin.” Celebrate Independence Day with an exclusive challenge coin of the 45th POTUS. Whether you hate him or love him, you have to respect the craftsmanship of this masterpiece coin.

Donald J Trump Commander In Chief Coin

  1. Secretary of Defense General James Mattis Coin

The United States Armed Forces is definitely a face for patriotism. If you are a civilian or active duty, or even a retired veteran, the military holds a special place in all of American’s hearts. The “Secretary of Defense General James Mattis Coin” honors the general for his service and sacrifice to this country. Many people tend to overlook the positions on the President’s cabinet, but the names that fill them often come with a story. General Mattis is considered one of the most highly decorated servicemen of all time. That’s not a bad ship to sail on. The antique gold & silver colorway gives this military coin a very patriotic feel.

Independence Day: The Freedom for Murica’ 2

  1. We Will Never Forget Military Memorial Coin

Let’s keep the military theme going with this beauty. The “We Will Never Forget Military Memorial Coin” is another symbol of how much our military means to American citizens. Gracing the face of the coin is our beloved flag displaying the heartfelt engraved passage as a tribute to all who have fallen. Their service and sacrifice will not go unrecognized and Vision Strike Coins made sure every American feels the message that this beloved coin delivers. May God bless our troops and the United States of America.

Fire and Axes Shirt

Now we wouldn’t just offer this 4th of July sale without a special code. That’s why we’re telling all of you to use coupon code: cs15 to receive 15% off our entire cart order. This code is only good until July 4, 2017.

What are you waiting for? Tomorrow is the first of the month and the festivities are about to begin, celebrate America’s birthday and add a coin or two in your pocket. See you after the holiday.

Until next time.