It is a brotherhood……………

When I decided to go into the fire service I got in because, well, because it looked exciting. I mean you get to make calls to fires, wrecks, rescues. You never knew exactly what you’d be doing, and when I seen friends that were firefighters, there was a brotherhood.  That intrigued me. Every time the bell rang it was something new, some much different than every other job where it was the same thing day after day.

What I didn’t expect the job to bring was the brotherhood. Family, I spend 1/3 of my life with these particular men and women. They are there every third morning when I go on shift. We are there at the birth of each others children, the death of loved ones. Cookouts and holiday gatherings, just like I did with my normal family. This was totally unexpected, by growing together we grew to protect each other. Going on all those calls you always know that someone has your back, has your six. So yea, it’s a brotherhood. The men and women I serve with are family, and I’m proud to be a part of their family.

The brotherhood, something you have to be accepted to. It is earned it isn’t given. It makes you proud when you finally realize you are a part of that.

Showing your part of a family like that evokes pride with everyone involved. Having something that says I’m bigger than just me, I’m a part of a team…….THIS team. That is what our “Burning Heart Maltese Cross” design is about. You can customize it with your department and even your station number if you choose, one to one thousand, all affordable. Check it out, show everyone you’re a part of something special.

Until next time,

Captain K