Operation Desert Storm: A Heroic Veteran Coin 1The Gulf War was given the code name Operation Desert Storm for its combat phase that included 35 nations. These nations were under the United States lead and captured the intense retaliation for Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait. This was war that affected over 60,000 troops and their families. Vision Strike Coins has designed a challenge coin dedicated to the Desert Storm Veterans nationwide.

In August 1990, President George H.W. Bush deployed military forces into Saudi Arabia. In addition, he urged other allies to follow through and send forces of their own into the country as well. All of the supporting countries followed the United States’ lead which formed the largest military alliance since World War II.

The initiation took place in January 1991 by starting a five week air and naval assault on Iraqi forces that pushed deep into Kuwait territory. After the five week period was over, the coalition followed through with a heavy ground assault in February 1991. These heavy advances resulted in a ceasefire from Iraqi forces, but soon lead to a Scud missile attack against targets in Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Operation Desert Storm was a war that resulted in over 150,000 casualties. These numbers include troops and civilians, in addition to friendly fire. On February 28, 1991 the war finally ended after a heavy A-10 aircraft assault on retreating Iraqi forces. Also known as the Highway of Death, this action caused Iraq to realize that the coalition of nations outweighed their solo forces.

Vision Strike Coins honors the veterans of Operation Desert Storm with an exclusive military challenge coin. The Desert Storm Veteran Coin is a true original with 3D metallic accents. Its antique gold and silver colorway adds a sleek touch, and gives off a classic war theme.

Operation Desert Storm: A Heroic Veteran Coin 2

Desert Storm Veteran Coin

There are a lot of military vets throughout the nation, and we pay homage to them all. Feel free to shop our collection of military challenge coins. Vision Strike Coins also has custom coin service available as well. As always, God bless our troops and thank you for your service.

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