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The Greek Gods! The ancient cultures like the Greeks honored their gods. They took from them the ability to wage war, use wisdom, share love and travel with favor across the oceans and seas of the day. Like this Ares Greek God Ancient Coin a Greek God comes alive with the incredible detail so richly deserving in a coin such as this. It’s time to reach for Olympus with these ancient Greek God coins.

This is a coin detailing the ancient gods where they are recognized in true original ancient coin artwork with the imagery that transcends the generations. We have moved from history to legend and from legend to myth with this Ares Greek God Ancient Coin.

Each ancient god coin is stylized with the original details only offered at Vision Strike Coins is at the height of coin design and manufacturing. 

Above all things is our desire to provide nothing but the best in original ancient God artwork and design for a collector of history, a collector of the Gods, historian or even gamer who has taken their characters to places only achieved by the most powerful of ancient gods.

Our ancient God coin series knows no equal in design or quality and with each coin comes a unique approach to the history and reverence each coin is crafted from. These are the line of ancient God coins beginning with this Ares Greek God Ancient Coin that sets a new standard of the quality that is only experienced at Vision Strike Coins.   

The Ares Greek God Ancient Coin coin was produced using a variety of antique metal looks and hand painted enamel providing exquisite detail and high end art. Our Greek God coins feature designs covering a millennia of ancient Gods from Zeus, Ares, Poseidon, Aphrodite, Athena and Hades. Each Greek God coin features the god them self and a richly created second side with a second character or design elements specific to that God. They are truly exceptional collectors pieces.

At 4mm in thickness these Ancient Greek God coins drive home the level of detail a coin must possess. That is why these Ancient Greek God coins are so highly sought after. Clean lines, sophisticated, detailed ancient looking art, razor sharp quality and a leader in ancient  artwork blends together forming the finest in collectible coins in the industry.

The Ares Greek God Ancient Coin From Vision Strike Coins

  • USA designed and produced challenge coins
  • Veteran owned small business
  • Unique challenge coins
  • Seasoned US veteran artists
  • Licensed by the trademark and licensing departments of Olympus

Olympus Pride

Whether it’s a coin for a historian of ancient gods, a collector of ancient coins or someone that collects godlike and runic looking ancient coins is something that will enjoy these series of ancient Greek god coins. They cover the most read about, movie oriented and story written law topics than almost any other. The Greek God pantheon, from almighty Zeus with his lightning bolts, the wisdom of Athena, the Love of Aphrodite, the warring Ares, Poseidon and his sea chariot and finally Hades in the underworld are all offered in this collection. 

From the pillars of Athens to the heights of Olympus the ancient Greek gods were honored and these coins were the symbol of that loyalty. That is why this Ares Greek God Ancient Coin was crafted. That is why we have Olympus pride. 

The two toned 3D artwork we offer depicts your coin with the energy of original art and detail unlike any other. Each challenge coin we offer similar to the Ares Greek God Ancient Coin was designed with Olympus pride. 

Challenge Coin Designer To The 12 Greek Olympian Gods

From the halls of Olympus to the courts of Greek kings and queens and the heroes they summoned to do their feats and accomplish nothing short of miracles comes the highly detailed ancient Greek God collectible coin series. Almost as swift as a bolt of lightning from Zeus comes this Ares Greek God Ancient Coin that will stir the senses, build up the blood and prepare you for walking among the lands of the ancient gods. 

Nothing strikes harder than the perfect ancient god coin such as the Ares Greek God Ancient Coin. From our beginnings as a small USA Veteran owned company to one of the leading United States challenge coin designers we are honored to have worked and served so many that appreciate the difference we offer at Vision Strike Coins.

Veteran Small Business

As a US Veteran small business we are honored to work with you. With over 31 years of military design experience we have taken a different approach to the style, look and overall detail of each of our challenge coins. We understand the collectible coin marketplace and design with a complete focus geared towards the coin collector, those with a passion for antiquity, lore and legends, heroes, gods and ancient times. Ancient God coin collectors  deserve only the best like this Ares Greek God Ancient Coin created just for them.

Unique Ancient God Challenge Coins

From the lands of the Greeks with their phalanxes battled to the wide and open seas where boats traveled from country to country and conquered comes the ancient look and original artwork found only on a coin of this type such as the Ares Greek God Ancient Coin. 

From the art to the construction of each coin, the 3d effects, the dual metal applications like silver and gold antiquing, special shapes, serialization, hand painted enamels providing a rich and vibrant challenge coin look are the hallmarks of a unique challenge coin we design. 

Every challenge coin design we offer like the Ares Greek God Ancient Coin is uniquely designed with a focus on gods and Greek legends and its history and traditions spanning generations. These are challenge coins that will keep your attention and interests at the highest levels preserved for generations to come. 

Ancient challenge coins are created to preserve memories. Every challenge coin tells a story and serves to pass from generation to generation the highlights of honor, commitment and tradition found within each culture we design for.

A Ares Greek God Ancient Coin is the perfect combination of art and ancient history and traditions. Get a challenge coin that tells the stories and displays your interests in the ancient gods. 

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