The Greek Gods have been in literature, film, books and stories for centuries. The Green gods have appeared as ancient Greek God coins as well and passed from generation to generation. Fabled legends describing the fiery and lightning bolt festooned Mount Olympus and the drama of the ancient Greek gods comes alive one more time. 

The Greek Gods And Their Pantheon

The ancient coins of Greece with images of their mighty generals and Greek leaders like Philip II of Macedon and the forever famous Alexander The Great to name a few. As incredible as these men were and how their names have advanced through the ages there are names even more famous: Zeus, Aphrodite, Athena, Hades, Ares and Poseidon. These 6 of the total of 12 Olympians have been produced in the rare ancient Greek God coin form.

The Greek God Symbols

Zeus has his lightning bolts, Hades and his three headed dog Cerberus, Ares with his sword helmet and spear, Athena and her owl of wisdom were just a few. Then we have Aphrodite and her sparrow and Poseidon and his trident. Each of the ancient Greek Gods carried an instrument symbolic of their power or an animal that was recognized as the embodiment of their area of responsibility. The ancient Green god coins crafted in old fashioned ways depicts these mighty Olympic ancient Greek Gods and their tools of power. 

Ancient Greek God Coins

The set of ancient Green God coins features six gods with more on the way. Each coin is fashioned with the ancient look of the god, with a look of antiquity, ancient no different than an unearthed relic or vase of ancient Greece. At 2 inches in diameter and at 4mm in thickness these incredible and highly detailed double antique silver and gold accented metals and original art are the perfect Greek God coins for your collection.

The Greek Gods

The Greek Gods taught us much from the way they behaved in court and how they interacted with mere mortals. The Greek Gods changed the course of human history so much so that their strengths, weaknesses, behaviors were seen by the Greeks as a way of life. Greece would mimic the antics of the the Greek Gods and apply their teachings, window and warring as well. The Greek Gods have left an indelible mark on the history of ancient civilizations that continues into the modern day.