US Constitution Oath Custom Engraved Challenge Coin


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Challenge coins have transformed over the decades into a myriad of details, shapes and sizes with some reaching the zenith of challenge coin design like this US Constitution Oath Custom Engraved Challenge Coin. There are the flatter challenge coins often seen in the industry then there are the 3-dimensional coins which clearly stand apart with the incredible depth and cuts and then there are 3D challenge coins with engraved options that allows a person to add their custom text to it like this US Constitution Oath Custom Engraved Challenge Coin. There are many great looking coins at Vision Strike Coins and then there are the exceptional challenge coins like this engraved challenge coin that reaches new levels of originality. As one of the leading challenge coin companies with a singular focus of producing the most original military designs in metal form the artists at VSC are constantly at work developing new and exciting challenge coins for active duty US Military, US Veterans and prior service, their family and friends.

Defining a new generation in challenge coins the custom engraved coins we offer celebrate and honor your time in service as well as providing a living document that captures your military experiences and accomplishments for generations to come. Whether its your military command or unit you served with, your squadron, warship, submarine, rate, MOS, anniversary, war, battle, deployments or something given to a friend who you may have served with these spectacular coins will be a lasting commemorative coin that will honor you, your family and much more. Dual toned silver and gold metallic accents cut to a 4mm thickness with a 3d look that pops the graphic out of the coin. It’s a stunning challenge coin.

With 80 character spaces to work with transform your engraved coin into a wonderful personal piece for yourself or a military gift for a special person in your life. We will optimize the information you provide us to help ensure it looks fantastic.

  • 80 character spaces including spaces
  • Diamond etched
  • Have your name, dates, anniversary or other important text added to your challenge coin
  • 100% Made In The USA Etched
  • Please review all text before submitting. We will engrave what you provide.

If you have questions about this challenge coin or would like to inquire about having a custom challenge created for you please email us at Interested in receiving a custom challenge quote please click on the link custom challenge coin quote and receive pricing and details.

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