The Sky Is Not Falling – First, Don’t Panic

Here at Vision Strike Coins, we take pride that we deliver some of the finest and most original custom challenge coins in the industry with exceptional turnaround times of 14 days or less. This has become somewhat of an industry standard that we started over a decade ago. Between all facets of our US Veteran owned and operated company do we share and collaborate between all our departments from sales to design and art to production helping ensure that the coins are produced correctly and quickly to meet your deadlines. Coin factory closures are temporary, scheduled, happen every year and above all things with great planning can achieve the finest challenge coins produced on time.

With our US based art and production challenge coin teams coordinating on a daily basis with our overseas manufacturing facilities our team works seamlessly, almost a 24-7 business, making sure all details and aspects of your custom challenge coins are correctly communicated with between all departments. With our communication that serves on an immediate basis we can produce coins with these exceptional turnaround times.

Timelines are extremely important from the anniversary, announcement of an event, launching of a US Navy warship, the changing of a commanders position with his or her military unit, the need to receive coins for the departure of a deployed military unit and much more. We are completely focused on the need to get deadlines completed and met regardless of the distance or location. During the calendar year there are two specific times that our overseas production factories do close which can slow down production. We wish to keep you informed of this so you are made aware. If during the factory closure you are in need to get custom challenge coins made there is no need to panic. That is why we have created this page to help illuminate the terrain in which we find ourselves deployed so you can best understand what to do during these specific dates. This information is designed to help you receive your coins during these anticipated closures.

Why Does the Coin Factory Need To Close?

Quite simply there are two primary reasons our production facilities shut down; holidays and maintenance. Rarely does VSC go on vacation but for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years we might be away celebrating with our families. However, we are an email or phone call away and our sales departments and art areas continue to work to help you during these special dates. This helps to make sure that progress does occur with your custom challenge coin order and with our coin production departments in full swing your coins still move gracefully through the manufacturing process.

Never a slow moment during our holidays so those 500 coins needed for the 1st Infantry Division, The USS California or the Commandant of The Marine Corps can and will continue to move ahead with production. Our United States Navy warships don’t slow down while at sea and neither do your coins. The good news is that during the busiest holidays times for us in the United States there are no real delays with the production of your challenge coins. On the flip side our production teams need time off for their families so they do need some time off as well. Typically from around Jan 18th till the first week in February many of our factories are closed and for the first week of October each and every year. Production schedules do not vary and it can be anticipated so with great planning and our focus to make sure that art and details are all accomplished we can get any project onto the tarmac and ready for takeoff.

Another and important reason for the coin factory closing up shop during the year is maintenance. This is an important part of the custom challenge coins production because it makes sure that factory equipment is services, any additional training is conducted to improve the services and quality of the coins we make. Safety around the equipment is reviewed and inventory is conducted whereby all the molds and tools used to produce custom challenge coins are inspected, counted and checked for quality.

For a period of only days and maybe up to a week in some cases the coin factory takes a maintenance break. It is never a long one but is important and helps improve the quality and everything we do for our coin customers. Our staff of coin artists and sales will keep you informed of these maintenance breaks when they happen and any delays that might be caused specific to your challenge coin orders.

Coin Factory Closures and Turnaround Times 

When a custom challenge coin order is in development or being considered around a holiday or factory closure the question is, how will this affect the turnaround time on my order? Unfortunately each and every coin order is different from a double plated antique coin to a 2D die struck coin. Each coin participates in a coin orchestra and sometimes the saxophones are not there or maybe its all the reed instruments but like an an orchestra each has its own sound and with coins each requires its own section to advance. In short a coin order and any delays is evaluated on a case by case basis. It all depends on how long the factory will be closed and whether you place your order before, during, or after the closure.

Ideally getting the details of art, design and how you want your coins constructed before the factory closure is super important. Our coin team will update you right away about the factory schedules and get all pre-production details assembled before impending factory closure and set to work getting your challenge coins into production as soon as possible. Get a head start and how do you you do this is keeping up all forms of communication with our sales and art teams. We will do everything possible to get your custom coins into production as quickly as possible. Multiple proofs and options, confirmations such as size, art details, quantities are reviewed and submitted for you as quickly as possible. This does and will help shorten the time needed to get your coins spearheaded and out the door to you.

If you contact VSC just ahead or during the factory closure, we will let you know that there will likely be a delay in the production of your custom coins. Our art team and sales group will be here to work with you during these anticipated coin factory closures and will continue to work with you on any part of the project to ensure that the final and completed coins will be exceptional. When the factory reopens we will be ready and all details will arrive so our coin craftsmen will move quickly to complete your coin order.  

When ordering after a factory closure will affect turnaround times. With literally thousands of challenge coins being made every day while the coin facility is open the orders don’t stop even while the plant is closed. When this happens the hundreds of coin orders are staged and prepared for production. Staging of coins creates a backlog of orders that need to be handled once the production line engages again. The maintenance closures have a systematic affect on production and when a maintenance week occurs this can add additional days to manufacturing from two to three weeks in some cases. Remember those days in the US military called mess and maintenance week? Well mess and maintenance weeks for coin production might last a week in some cases but delays coin orders due to the orders stacking up.

A factory delay can be short or last a week and each period of time has a different affect on production. The delay on your coin order will depend on how long the factory was closed, the quantity of backlog orders and the type and level of design of the coins you order. Because all coins we produce are custom challenge coins each has its own window of production which is addressed on a

Coins – What You Need To Know Before Ordering

Two big coin factory closures to plan for are the beginning of the year when the coin factory shuts down for 7 days in late January to the beginning of February. The second closure occurs from October 1 — October 7. Scheduled maintenance closures come when they are needed, and our staff will inform you as soon as we are aware of them. So how do you navigate during these uncertain times of coin factory scheduled closures? There is no need to worry if you plan ahead. What can be done to prepare and work with your coin team and to help us get your order out in time:

Tell us your custom challenge coin deadline right away

  • Art takes time. Great art can take a bit longer so prior to having us start your artwork let us know when the coins need to arrive. What is your solid deadline? This can help our design team prioritize and complete your design helping to speed it to production. Letting us know will help us to gauge whether we can meet or exceed your delivery time from the very onset. Honesty about our turnaround times is critical, and if a production closure will affect your delivery time, it is important you know right away and at the very beginning of your order and not at its completion.

Order your coins as soon as you can

  • Its not a sales gimmick. It can and does help to make your deadlines. This cannot be stressed enough. Review your art, get it finalized, cross the LZ and get into the drop zone with your artwork. We have seen a many projects with a ton of lead time that get delayed and then time runs short. We are here to help with information, revisions, updates and will work with you to get the art and details to production as quickly as possible. Many coin projects are started early with plenty of time to spare but not finalized until the very last second, opening the door for all kinds of potential delays. A steady stream of communication with our sales team and artists will prevent delays from happening and arrive at the best custom challenge coins for you.

You can order challenge coins while the factory is closed

  • The cavalry is still charging and so are our coin orders even while the factory is temporarily closed. When the coin production is back up and running and working hard to complete the orders based on when they arrived and if they are sent to their teams correctly. Correctly packaged up orders move quickly through the production system and move through the backlog quickly until all orders are caught up.

When ordering custom challenge coins it involves creativity, originality and a singular focus and commitment to make the finest coins on the planet. Each custom challenge coin has a life of its own from the design to its completion. The level of design that Vision Strike Coins operates at requires the highest demands for coin production and a keen eye for artwork. Working hand in hand with our clients is pure joy because we get to participate in the ideas you have and putting those ideas and visions into coin metal form. From art and design to pre-production 3D modeling, using coin elevations, enamel coloring and exacting detail is part of that fun. There is no need to stress over deadlines associated with scheduled holiday or maintenance closure because we will be here and making sure we work with you each step of the way from getting your order prepared from coin production to getting it completed and mailed out to you. Our team will work with you to keep you informed of all aspects of your coin order and its production.