The Lord’s Prayer coin arrives in this time of need displays the New Testament Prayer of Matthew 6, verses 9-13 that is still invoked after hundreds of years throughout the Christian world and beyond. The Lord’s Prayer has helped many to keep faith through the arduous experiences that this earth presents. Many families and Americans across the country as depicted in many the Norman Rockwell paintings preserving the values and beliefs that this prayer represents like this new Lord’s Prayer Coin Charm.

The Lords Prayer Coin
Norman Rockwell, “Freedom Of Worship”, Circa 1943, Original Vintage Book Page Print, Post Cover

The Lord’s Prayer has also been used by the recent Alcoholic Anonymous group as a part of the meetings all across the United States of America. This is a perfect reminder to keep if one is struggling with this terrible disease. All our thoughts and prayer go out to any veteran, law enforcement officer, fireman or any God loving patriot dealing with depression leading that most often leads to alcoholism. Alcoholics Anonymous has helped thousands of struggling alcoholics by turning to God and practicing the Lord’s Prayer in their lives. AA also has plastic coins they give out for achievements in sobriety. This would make a great gift for any loved one still coping and healing from alcohol abuse.

The Lord's Prayer Coin Arrives In This Time of Need 1

The Lord’s Prayer Coin

The Lord’s Prayer give us hope to forgive all of those trespasses against as well as our own. IN light of the recent transgression in this country one can clearly read the pages of the Bible to see the warnings and consequences of not allowing the Lord into our hearts. The lesson of the Lord’s prayer coin is to bring the glorious fearless knowing of love to this world that so lacks the presence of reverence to the highest of highs.

The Lord's Prayer Coin Arrives In This Time of Need 2

Another example of learning not to tread on others like the original American flag, the Gadsden Flag Don’t Tread on Me. If we loved ourselves and one another we would not tread upon our neighbors or subject ourselves to the poisons of alcohol the Babylonian Elixir or Greek Ambrosia. Only the enlightenment of the message of the Lord’s Prayer Coin held tightly in one’s hand or just in their pocket will always be a reminder of the glory of God and his beautiful plan.

Lords Prayer Coin Header
The Lord’s Prayer Matthew 6:9-13 Coin

We here at Vision-Strike-Coins care deeply about the spiritual and mental well being of our veterans and first responders as well as their physical. Most are aware of the heroic day to day lives these folks live facing the perils of the professions while serving the greater good. The Lord’s Prayer Coin imbues the sentiment of brotherly love which cares for their fellow human beings that is the entire message of the Christian way. This prayer passed through brother Matthew and brother Luke in the New Testament sharing the love of God through the Lord’s Prayer for man to learn to love one another.

The Lord’s Prayer Coin displays this message proudly and beautifully on one of our finest coin creations. We hope that it helps anyone that chooses to get one for their own or for a friend or loved one through any ordeal they are facing in this Godless world that the forces of evil are trying so hard to press against mankind. The future of the people of the plant earth are at stake in this great spiritual battle taking place as written in the Bible as it is so. The Lord’s Prayer Coin is our contribution to help remind us all to keep our compass in our hearts to point in the right direction ultimately leading to Compassion for each other.