The USS Alabama. The Mighty A! A 16 inch gun carrying behemoth that was designed to throw 2000 pound projectiles miles over the horizon and sink ships. The USS Alabama was a  predator. BB-60 the hull number for the USS Alabama was a US Navy battleship constructed in 1942 carrying 9 16inch guns. 

USS Alabama
USS Alabama

This warship participated in World War II and helped with the US military and its island hopping campaign defeating the Empire of Japan in the Asian theater of war from 1943-1945.

USS Alabama is a living historic museum

Just outside Mobile Alabama in Mobile Bay sits the USS Alabama at battleship memorial park. She is considered a National Historic Landmark. 

She was only 20 years old when she retired

One would think that a 20 years old is considered very young. In dog years let’s call that 140 years old (Duke the great dane is now long gone at that age) but in battleship years its even older. The USS Alabama went to war in 1942 and just 20 years later she was stricken from the US Navy register of warships in 1962. Twenty years old and already past her prime. 

What is the birth date of the USS Alabama?

February 16th, 1942, 

It’s Been 75 years since World War 2

As 2020 nears its end and closes we honor our men and women during this diamond anniversary of WW2. This incredible generation of Americans that served in our US military are honored and this year is one for the record books. The Sailors aboard the USS Alabama were recognized again by the creation of a USS Alabama challenge coin. 

It’s too important to not let the memories of these Sailors pass without recognizing their fierce dedication and loyalty in defending American during the Second World War. The USS Alabama coin is just one of many US Navy warship coins that Vision Strike Coins has designed to cherish the memories of these incredible warships and the men that served aboard them.