Challenge Coins display have been a part of the American War Fighter history for over 100 years. Since the days of the Roman Empire military organizations have been awarding coins to recognize outstanding achievements within the ranks.

Folklore also reports that in the 1st World War an American pilot being amongst the wealthy created challenge coins honoring his squadron. This pilot was shot down and captured by French allied forces that had no way to confirm his story flying without any identification. When they discovered the coin he was freed. Henceforth, his squadron never left on a sortie without their coins.

Today many veterans and collectors have accumulated a good amount of souvenirs serving the armed forces working with many different units. Or simply a collector wishing to obtain some of the finer created challenge coins available.

Challenge Coins display
Typical Coin Display

1. Sorting by Branch or Department

Although most veterans only served in one branch some have dedicated their time touring in many branches. So sorting by branch or group is sometimes a smart way to begin. However most veterans or first responders do interact with other branches of the military or municipal departments coordinating on many levels.

This provides the opportunity to give and received challenge coins from different branches of military service. Therefore a veteran or the savvy collector can establish an organized display using the different military branches to challenge coins display together or in separate cases.

2. Display them by Unit

Another good way to assemble a gorgeous display of challenge coins is by unit type. Within each of the military branches or departments within law enforcement or fire halls there are units that specialize in a specific detail. Within the military there are hundreds of different military occupational specialties to organize challenge coins display with.

Even amongst the police and fire departments are individual people and units that focus on a particular aspect of the job. Firefighters can have units that put out fires and units that deal with hazardous materials. In addition within law enforcement there is traffic cops, detectives, and many other unique roles that are needed to b successful.

3. Labeled Containers

Sometimes you just have too many challenge coins to have them all on display in a shadow box or individual display stands. A good suggestion is to keep them in clear plastic sealable containers that can be labeled for easy search and access. Most retail stores carry these types of containers perfect for storing your challenge coins.

4. Take Digital Pictures to Catalog

Making sure you don’t lose track of your collection can be overwhelming if you have the amount of coins some folks like to obtain. Once unable to to display and packed away in plastic labeled containers challenge coins can still be difficult to remember which box they are in.

Using a smart phone or digital camera it easy to take pictures and sort on your computer or cell phone. Having an image with title listing which plastic bin its located is also helpful in accessing stored challenge coins.

5. Think Outside your Shadow Box

Lastly, don’t shy away from your artistic side and come up with creative ways to display your challenge coins display collection. There are many new and innovative ways new products are being developed that can cleverly show off your coin collection.

Figuring out a good solution for how to best display your challenge coin collection or only a few can be challenging. However a simple search on the internet can render search results of some pretty interesting and creative ways to display coins. Check some out and see if there is a way you can add your own touch to accent the challenge coin collection that most folks take careful time assembling.

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