Hazmat Firefighter Glow in the Dark Challenge Coin

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Entering A Hazmat Zone! The Hazmat Firefighter Glow in the Dark Challenge Coin for these trained professionals.


Firefighter challenge coins for the Thin Red Line. These firefighter challenge coins feature the most exciting art and designs for the US fire fighting community. The Hazmat Firefighter Glow in the Dark Challenge Coin is created with the pride of American and her firemen, Captains, Lieutenants, Chiefs, Assistant Chiefs, EMTs, paramedics, arson investigators, ladder companies, engine companies, fire departments and more. Each firefighter coin offered at Vision Strike Coins is at the height of coin design and manufacturing. 

Above all things is our desire to provide nothing but the best in original firefighting artwork and design for a firefighter, their family and friends. Our firefighter challenge coins know no equal in design or quality and with each coin comes a unique approach to the Thin Red Line  challenge coins for our men and women in uniform, veterans, prior service, family and friends of these heroes.  

The Hazmat Firefighter Glow in the Dark Challenge Coin coin was produced using a variety of antique metal looks and hand painted enamel providing exquisite detail and high end art. Our firefighter coins feature designs covering the Fir Na Tine “Men Of Fire” coins, Firefighter Veteran coins, Wildland firefighter coins, HAZMAT coins, Hot Sweaty and Always Ready challenge coins, Saint Florian coins for our historical roots to the calling of firefighting and the highly detailed We Will Always Run In firefighter coins with their amazing detail are part of this incredible firefighting coin collection available for purchasing.

At 4mm in thickness these firefighting coins drive home the level of detail a coin must possess. That is why these Thin Red Line coins are so highly sought after. Clean lines, sophisticated and detailed art, razor sharp quality and a leader in firefighting artwork blends together forming the finest in challenge coins in the industry.

The Hazmat Firefighter Glow in the Dark Challenge Coin From Vision Strike Coins

  • USA designed and produced challenge coins
  • Veteran owned small business
  • Unique challenge coins
  • Seasoned US veteran artists
  • Licensed by major fire department trademark and licensing departments

Thin Red Line Pride

Whether it’s a coin for a HAZMAT team, firefighter, Boston Fire Department firefighter, NYFD firefighter, Assistant Chief or Chief, Emergency Medical Services, ladder and engine company coins or a fire department coin rests with pride in design, pride in your department, your firefighting unit and command, accomplishments in the Thin Red Line you will display with pride. Every fire collectible coin we design has a purpose and every US firefighting coin we design supports it.

The two toned 3D artwork we offer depicts your coin with the energy of original art and detail unlike any other. Each challenge coin we offer similar to the Hazmat Firefighter Glow in the Dark Challenge Coin was designed with Thin Red Line pride.

Challenge Coin Designer To The Thin Red Line

As firefighters are periled, they place their lives second to those they protect. They are forced to face their own fears and grasp for every ounce of courage to perform the necessary task. “The Thin Red Line of Courage” represents the last ounce of courage firefighters find deep in their blood to conquer their darkest fears in order to save and protect life and property.

From the LAFD to the NYFD, Chicago Fire to Houston Fire departments have been customers. Our US fireman veterans and prior service, having served in thousands of fire departments are our customers. We are proud to have served them all.

Nothing strikes harder than the perfect firefighter coin such as the Hazmat Firefighter Glow in the Dark Challenge Coin. From our beginnings as a small USA Veteran owned company to one of the leading United States fire fighting challenge coin designers we are honored to have worked and served so many that appreciate the difference we offer at Vision Strike Coins.

Veteran Small Business

As a US Veteran small business we are honored to work with you. With over 31 years of  design experience we have taken a different approach to the style, look and overall detail of each of our challenge coins. We understand the Thin Red Line and design with a complete focus geared towards the individual, team, unit, command, squadron or department we complete these exciting challenge coins for. From first responder dispatchers to the men and women that wear the bunkers and jackets and fight grandfather fire daily and our veterans deserve only the best like this Hazmat Firefighter Glow in the Dark Challenge Coin created just for them.

Unique Firefighter Challenge Coins

America and her firefighters deserve only the best! As a veteran business we believe the same thing and its this approach to challenge coins that has taken Vision Strike Coins from being a very small business to a recognized leader in offering unique challenge coins like this Hazmat Firefighter Glow in the Dark Challenge Coin.

From the art to the construction of each coin, the 3d effects, the dual metal applications like silver and gold antiquing, special shapes, serialization, hand painted enamels providing a rich and vibrant challenge coin look are the hallmarks of a unique challenge coin we design. 

Every challenge coin design we offer like the Hazmat Firefighter Glow in the Dark Challenge Coin is uniquely designed with a focus on the craft of firefighting both past and present and its history and traditions spanning generations. These are challenge coins that will keep your career and accomplishments preserved for generations to come. Challenge coins are created to preserve memories. Every challenge coin tells a story and serves to pass from generation to generation the highlights of honor, commitment and tradition found within the fire community.

Designing State-Of-The-Art Challenge Coins

Becoming a leader in state-of-the-art challenge coins means having the experience and creativity and drive to perform at a level others seldom attain. Just like the firemen in every US city and neighborhood, protecting America and our way of life has its challenges and  fire department coins are no different. How does the special coin shape make sense? Should we go 2d or 3d with the design and do we want full color or a more subdued tactical look. Like the US firemen and firewomen with the rescue and serve attitude we approach challenge coins the same way. With originality and quality. 

The Hazmat Firefighter Glow in the Dark Challenge Coin is one example of this attitude and firefighter best first concept because it is 3d on both sides, contains dual metal highlights and accents, cut to a depth of 4mm which makes it loud enough to be heard 3 blocks away when you slam it down on the bar!

Whether you’re designing a coin for a U.S. fire department or even a small order of coins for a retirement gift the road to the perfect coin is the same. Consistent, exceptional art, originality and the drive to make the coin at the highest levels. 

A Hazmat Firefighter Glow in the Dark Challenge Coin is the perfect combination of art and fire history and traditions. Get a challenge coin that tells the stories and displays your interests in the Thin Red Line.

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