Vision Strike Coins Opens Its Doors to Military Challenge Coins. For decades traveling back to the past century military challenge coins have gone from saving the life of American soldiers in Europe to becoming vibrant and highly detailed military coins.

For years as the desire to collect military challenge coins has become an increasingly larger and larger part of the US Military both in the active duty and retired communities with both collecting challenge coins as they moved from unit to unit, ship to ship or from one command to another they have been looked upon for a producer of coins for the variety of things and are held in high regards for keeping the memoirs of one’s service memories alive or placed into the palm of a fellow Soldier, Marine, Sailor, Airman or Coastie as a memento or part of a congratulatory ceremony in recognition of a job well done.

Military challenge coins in the past have often been seen as two dimensional circular coins often depicting the command logo or crest, a warship or something distinctly connecting it to the unit it came from. These coins have been often circular in nature but that has slowly changed to more detailed and intricate cuts and shapes in the world of military coins.

Vision Strike Coins and its recent opening of its website started its business on the premise of delivering an even higher level of detail of quality coupled with originality for their brothers and sisters in the United States Military. They have raised the bar in both areas and as a result have become a highly sought after designer and provider of military coins. With over a 100 new and exciting military coins covering all branches of the US military they have exploded onto the scene with their unique designs and original concepts.

US Army coins go from Combat Medics to 11 Bravos, 101st Air Assault and 82nd Airborne Divisions, EOD coins, Purple Hear Coins, Combat Engineers Coins, 12 Bravo Coins, Sniper Coins with original lenticular see through scope unique to this coin, Army rank coins with many more under development.

Vision Strike Coins Opens Its Doors to Military Challenge Coins 1

Purple Heart Recipient Coin

US Navy coins have an equal and original approach to the United States Sailors and what they collect and want in their coins spanning from Navy Crow Coins with Crow and Chevrons displayed with pride, Navy Sea Lawyer flip coins with two sided art and graphics displaying two messages, Navy Corpsman coins, Seabee coins, IYAOYAS coins, the Jolly Roger with famous The Sea Is Ours quote, Shellback coin in two versions with incredible detail, SSN Attack submarine coins and SSBN boomer coins, Navy Submarine Force coins displaying attack submarine and grim reaper suggesting how deadly these hunters under the water are and can be, Deck Ape coins, Navy Chief coins displayed with pride a version for surface warfare, Seabees, submarines and naval air components not to mention the Naval Air Station coin for those that have served across the globe from these strategic locations, Navy diver coins and so much more.

Vision Strike Coins Opens Its Doors to Military Challenge Coins 2

Navy Sea Lawyer Flip Coin

Air Force coins at Vision Strike Coins also get the same attention to details whether it be the USAF rank coins, Para rescue coins, USAF K-9 Coins for the security community and even more.

USAF Pararescue That Others May Live Coin

USAF Pararescue That Others May Live Coin

The United States Marine Corps have an arsenal of coins as well at Vision Strike Coins  from their USMC Rank coins, Semper Fidelis coins, belt buckles with parody designs from the Movie 300 with blood splattered shield, MOS coins from Recruiter, Scout Sniper, Rifleman, Machine Gunner, Combat Engineer, Mortarman, Assaultman, Field Artillery Cannoneer 0811 coins, USMC Drill Instructor coins just to name a few.

USMC Spartan 300 Helmet 4 Inch Magnum Coin

USMC Spartan Helmet 4 Inch Magnum Coin

The Coast Guard has some truly amazing coins as well with the USCG cutter coin, Semper Paratus coin, You Have to Go out Coast Guard Coin, a double headed Popeye coin with one side displaying Popeye as a Coasty and the other as a US Navy sailor in a flip coin fashion.

USCG Semper Paratus Coin

USCG Semper Paratus Always Ready Coin

In addition to the military branch specific coins produced by Vision Strike Coins they have also developed some very important designs they felt needed to be created. These coins range from their 911 Memorial Coin to their Military Memorial Coin with battlefield cross displayed, A President Trump Coin created during his race for the White House, Secretary Of Defense James Mattis Coin which has been without exception of the most popular coins created to date. Additional coins that need to be mentioned are the ISIS Hunting Club Coin, Desert Storm Veteran Coin, Cold War Veteran Coin, 75th Anniversary K-9 Coin honoring the K-9 teams going back to 1942, Tun Tavern Coin celebrating the birth of the USMC and without exception the most popular coin they have created the US Veteran Blood, Sweat and Tears Coin created for US military Veterans in their honor.

Firefighter Brotherhood sign

US Veteran Blood, Sweat & Tears Coin

The list of challenge coins they have created is even larger than the list provided above and with new coins being developed and offered daily they are quickly becoming one of the fastest growing and highly collected coin developers in the military marketplace. As a US Veteran owned and operated company it is their mission to put back into the coin marketplace original, highly crafted and high quality military coins that will honor the men and women in uniform they were created for.

We Will Always Run In When Your Luck Runs Out 3 Inch Magnum Coin

We Will Always Run In When Your Luck Runs Out Magnum Coin

Another standout among the VSC arsenal of coins is their Magnum Coins which by definition is anything they have created that is larger than a 2 inch coin. Several of their coins match this description when searched on their website at produced because of their desire to capture as much detail as possible.

We hope you will take the time to visit and see why their coins are different, original and among the very best in the industry.