When you think of the 10th Mountain Division out of Fort Drum, NY you think mountaineering, climbing and a United States Army Division. This US military division needed a coin that honored their deployments and with an amazing collaboration we created the 10th Mountain Sustainment Brigade Deployment coins for them. Nothing short of a kick ass and highly decorated US Army military unit with an incredible history that spans decades. 

Arctic Warfare

Comprising light infantry the 10th Mountain Division is the only gun carrying division made up of 11 bravos (Infantry) with specialized training in arctic and mountainous regions. Highly specialized combat troops that will fight you way above sea level.

Arctic Warfare
Arctic Warfare

More recently the 10th Mountain has been training the indigenous troops in Iraq and their Iraqi Security Forces. 

Most Forward Deployed Unit In the US Army

Since 2001 the 10th Mountain Division with its combat brigades has been the most deployed military unit in the United States military arsenal with over 20 deployments in this time. Assisting with the wars in Iraq and Operation Iraqi Freedom, to Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) they have been there and done that 20 times over. 

10th Sustainment Brigade – The Muleskinners

In the US Army a sustainment unit, logistics and the Soldiers that ensure the unit and command is supported properly for their role and mission is at the top of the list in terms of importance. If you run out of food you’re out of the fight just as quickly as if you run out of ammo. Hurling stale loaves of bread and MREs at the enemy isn’t going to stop their attacks. 

The quickest way to lose a battle is to not have the right equipment, combat stores at the precise time. You lose more battles from a lack of supply than anything else. The 10th Sustainment Brigade knows this full and well. 

So where did the term Muleskinner come from?

The soldiers of the 10th Division Support Command (DISCOM) can trace their heritage directly back to the Alpine Infantrymen and their pack mules that formed the Mountain Medical, Quartermaster, and Ordnance Maintenance Battalions which supported the US 10th Infantry Division during World War II. The Division Trains, as they were called, were organized and assigned to the 10th Infantry Division on 14 June 1957 and activated in Germany On 1 July 1957.

10th Mountain Deployment Coins

Just like the 10th Mountain Support Brigade supports the 10th Mountain Division the military challenge coin artists at Vision Strike Coins support the men and women of the 10th Mountain Support Brigade with their coins. That is what Veteran owned companies do when working with the active duty Soldiers of the United States Army.

At 3 inches with 4mm cut and thickness this 10th Mountain Sustainment Brigade Challenge Coin was ordered in October 2020. Featuring a single antique gold and designed with a distressed look it features the 10th Mountain Division Muleskinner (A detailed donkey in Army uniform holding a .45 ACP). 

10th Mountain Sustainment Brigade Deployment Coin 1

Task Force Muleskinner has been on many deployments and along the outside area of operation on the coin are placards each with a name of their recent deployments from Afghanistan to Kuwait, Qatar and of course their location in the USA at Fort Drum. 

This custom US Army challenge coin we are proud to have designed for the 10th Mountain Sustainment Brigade. We thank you for the opportunity to work with you and wish you Godspeed on your return home.