Cold War Combatants Challenge Coins were crafted to honor the men and women who did fight and defended America during the Cold War. The reason Cold War Coins Get Hot is because just as many lives and just as many sacrifices are made during times of peace in a Cold War than in a shooting hot war and a Cold War coin should be made for that reason. Cold Wars last for decades whereby a shooting war may last a couple of years or even less.

America Verses Russia: People Did Die.

Freedom verses Communism and so the story goes and with these two major super powers moving headlong towards a confrontation shortly after the end of World War 2 it could be the smallest spark that could have set off the largest war mankind had ever seen. But it didn’t happen. Or did it?

“People don’t really understand and know that the Cold War was a real war with real casualties. Real people died.” Some 382 Americans were killed as a result of direct enemy action during the Cold War-those military actions between 1945 and 1991 beyond the scope of the Korean and Vietnam wars.

So why did a Cold War Combatants Challenge coin series get designed? Because our Cold War Era Veterans were there and they did fight and they did prepare for a confrontation with the Soviet Union and they do need to be honored.

Cold War Coins Get Hot

That’s because you need a truly hot and exceptional coin that is why Cold War Coins Get Hot with their popularity. Iconic military coins need to have the detail and accuracy they deserve and that is why the military artists at Vision Strike Coins needed some Cold War Coins Get Hot attitude in their design for a collection of coins like this.

Cold War Combatants Challenge Coins

A series of coins that feature the machines of war used by the United States and her allies (NATO) and those of Soviet Russia and their Warsaw Pact. Each of these highly detailed challenge coins features the icons of the days of the Cold War from the central weapon whether it was a fighter like a Soviet MiG or a US Phantom 2 to the main battle tanks and other weapons of war.

Cold War Coins Get Hot
Cold War Coins Get Hot

F86 Sabres, M60 Tanks, Russian T54 tanks, MiG15s and MiG21’s make up the arsenal of this collectors set of Cold War coins.

Crafted in a 2 inch setting with a 4mm thick depth it allows for a truly unique 3D experience that illustrates the weapon in detail on one side of the coin and then using techniques involving antique gold and silver colored metal accents completes these handsome militaria coins.

The reverse side of each coin has the American Eagle and Russian bear facing off like two heavyweight prize fighters with their respective flags behind each animal. The American Eagle has the US flag with its detailed red and blue and silver antique used for the white while the Russian flag is red with hammer and sickle icons.

Cold War Combatants is cut into each coin along with the Cold War dates of 1947-1991. A green hand painted enamel is seen on each side of the coin representing the triumph and the ending of the Cold War and a cease to hostilities.

The uniqueness of this collection of historic coins has no equal and is offered exclusively at Vision Strike Coins.

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