Custom challenge coins with a purpose is the priority at Vision Strike Coins. Quality of design with originality, multi-dimensional thinking with regard to custom challenge coin artwork, quality in material selection and overall a tremendous focus overall when it comes to custom challenge coins.

USMC MOS 0481 Landing Support Challenge Coin
USMC MOS 0481 Landing Support Challenge Coin

We manufacture the highest quality custom challenge coins, at the lowest price available. This philosophy is central to each custom challenge coin we offer. If you want a cost effective way to honor your military command, police station and officers, a fire department, small business or corporation then you’ve come to the right place.

Serve And Protect Thin Blue Line Police Challenge Coin
Serve And Protect Thin Blue Line Police Custom Challenge Coin

Using your logo, something we create for you, military insignia such as a unit crest or warship logo for the US Navy, or literally anything your mind can think up, we custom design a unique custom challenge coin anyone would be happy to be a part of. Need help with the challenge coin design process? Contact us at and a member of our design team will be pleased to assist you.

Boeing-Executive-Security Custom Coin back

A military commander acknowledges to their troops their achievements and when a Soldier, Marine, Sailor, Airman or US Coasty earns a challenge coin or the command does for service above and beyond then it’s a special time to be experienced by all.

Nothing builds morale better than to participate in a custom challenge coin ceremony. Businesses of all sizes also recognize the achievements of their staff and a custom challenge coin makes the perfect mark on a job well done. This has been the way of things in the US Military and corporations for decades and the use of a custom challenge coin can really send a message to those who have earned it.


Building bridges with clients and important customers, suppliers and anyone in your immediate pipeline is a great way to solidify these relationships with a custom challenge coin. The team is central to the US military and how our military performs with the precision that it does and the same can be said for business relationships.

Custom challenge coins are a great way to build friendships and demonstrate the importance of these relationships as well. When you want the right quality design with detail and originality that sends the correct message then choose custom coins from the experts!

Boeing Executive Protection Team Custom Challenge Coin
Boeing Executive Protection Team Custom Challenge Coin

Custom Military Challenge Coins have a historical and deep importance to all US military units going back a half a century.  Adopted by all branches of the US Armed Forces the challenge coin has come to define the unit or military command the coin with its design with slogans, mottos, weapons or even a US Navy warship and offers an insight into the attitude, cohesion, deadliness and accomplishments of that unit.

10th Mountain Sustainment Brigade Custom Coin
10th Mountain Sustainment Brigade Custom Coin

Some historian would argue that the use of a challenge coin even dates back to the earliest years of the American colonies and the Revolutionary War and its battles.

The very same challenge coins have been collected and handed down from generation to generation, from family member to family member keeping the history and the family connection to the unit or command a very living thing.

Custom Challenge Coins

In today’s terms, challenge coins aren’t just a US military thing but also used by a business to inspire a military style comradery and recognition. Everyone from the warehouse worker to the president of the company can be recognized for their hard work and accomplishments. Challenge coins have becomes a fantastic way to honor a valued member of your team. 

Law Enforcement coins have caught on as well, and nothing will reward the loyalty and strength of a respected employee or officer like a distinguished and personalized custom coin. With many law enforcement officers former military the custom challenge coin has transformed from a military look to one that has more of a Thin Blue Line look and feel that only a challenge coin can confirm.

The first responders have followed the US military and established a long lasting brotherhood of law enforcement officers that put it on the line each and every day just like our US military does.

Fire Departments have also joined in on the tradition from the Fir Na Tine (Men of Fire) roots to their Irish heritage to their dedication as first responders putting life and limb in harm’s way ensuring the safety of our communities. The brotherhood of fire have some of the coolest challenge coins designs because of the tools and jobs they perform and this community have become the single largest purchasers of coins.

There is no argument that some of the most detailed and original coin designs are found on Firefighter Challenge Coins. When it comes to challenge coin artwork we design from simple to complex 3D designs, we have the design skills and years of experience to make a coin you can cherish and display at your local FD station for years to come.

There is no room for second place on the battlefield and when lives are on the line as unit commanders know, a challenge coin is an essential way to build a sense of brotherhood between members of the Armed Forces. If you command and team wants a unique custom challenge coin design created and build on its growing unit morale, then custom military coins are an incredibly effective way to inspire that esprit de corps.

Check our Common Questions & Straightforward Answers page for complete information challenge coins designing and ordering.

Challenge coins are carried by members of the US military for luck. You take into combat what brings you home and if the coin does that then you are taking it into battle no questions asked. It is very often the case and whether you’re on the ground, in the sky, on or under the oceans and seas of the world the challenge coin serves as one of the most unstated devices for good luck.

Honor, traditions, commitment and defending a nation like the United States are summed up in a custom challenge coin and with the incredible art that is displayed it can bring a sense of pride, military cohesion and unit pride. The military coin has becomes a prized piece of luck, history and recognition that knows no equal and when designed properly the challenge coin becomes an item that brings fond memories of your time in the military.

Custom military coins are a symbol of command loyalty, dedication and going above and beyond and serve as a recognition of these values. They have significant perceived value, and that’s why they are so revered to signify the kind of honor towards a US Marine Corps team or group, a US Navy warship which serves as home for many years, an Air Force Squadron or Coast Guard cutter that people are proud to hold and display in their shadowbox forever.

As original designers for custom challenge coins we offer our clients both common types of coins, soft and hard enamel. In fact, we want our clients to fully understand the different looks of custom challenge coins so we thoroughly explain the smooth surface look of a hard enamel challenge coin upon request…

Just ask us, and we’ll provide continued outstanding service built on over 15 years of coin design and manufacturing experience. If you’ve never experienced what makes each coin type different, read Soft Enamel or Hard Enamel Coins – Which is better?

We have learned that challenge coins help you honor the achievements of members of your unit, command, team or group in an original and lasting way. With custom challenge coins that incorporate your crest, logo, distinguished military insignia, warship crest, submarine emblematic, command logo from decades ago or even a more modern designed one and other elements, you’re free to use your creativity and have us design a challenge coin for every special occasion.

The US Army 1-7 Cavalry Longknife Headhunter Custom Challenge Coin we recently completed is one example of the level of complexity a custom US Army coin can achieve when it is transformed into a 3D design such as this. The height of the US Army Cavalry Stetson with skull and the crossed sabers are examples of how this US Army coin was crafted.

US Army 1-7 Cavalry Longknife Headhunter Custom Challenge Coin
US Army 1-7 Cavalry Longknife Headhunter Custom Challenge Coin

Vision Strike Coins, is proud to offer custom challenge coins that are crafted to the highest of quality in both design and build, but made at the lowest pricing possible. So we provide you a cost effective way to honor your team members from US military law enforcement and fire departments, and honor their achievements — but our challenge coins look anything but cost-conscious! They will be original and look like no other custom challenge coin company can provide.

At Vision Strike Coins we produce not only challenge coins for military associations, groups and activities wot include MWR, but also business challenge coins you can use to motivate and honor your staff and teams, impress your customers and recognize the importance of your relationships, or reward your vendors for their efficiency, dependability and loyalty. A challenge coin is a time honored and beautiful keepsake that is truly an original, and will be treasured for many years to come.

Law enforcement (LEOs) and fire departments also understand the importance and benefits of a custom challenge coins. Reward loyalty, recognize achievement and a mission accomplished, honor the courage and sacrifices made — challenge coins are perfect recognition for any of these functions and more.

You want originality, detail for your challenge coins and your design ideas will get us there, and the over a decade experience we offer the custom challenge coins you receive will be unlike any other. Exceptional custom challenge coins begin with incredible artwork and that is what we do for you and the amazing clients like you when they want above the norm and exceptional coins designed for them.

Need help with custom challenge coin artwork or picking the right materials to go with? A custom coin team member will be pleased to help you design a challenge coin that perfectly illustrates your group’s values, mission and recognizes achievement and excellence. When you are ready for a custom challenge coin design and quality manufacturing please contact us at