Designing US Air Force challenge coins for 14 years has been a fascinating
and humble experience. Custom challenge coins for the US Air Force has seen
some of the most exciting designs when it comes to their requests from the
antique silver and gold colored metals to the hand painted enamel each design

Custom Challenge Coins With 2D Proofs

At the onset of a custom challenge coin for the US Air Force artwork is
created. It can be highly detailed or more basic in nature. The ultimate design
is really up to the customer and their vision of what their coins will look
like. Artistically we have our input but the customer’s desires and goals is
what we take along with references and images and produce a highly detailed Air
Force design for US Air force commands all over the world.

Custom Challenge Coins For The US Air Force
Custom Challenge Coins For The US Air Force


Upon completion and approval of the artwork a 2D design is created. This
allows the cool military art to be proofed so it can produced within the guidelines
of coining a new challenge coins. The best challenge coin art can produce the
best challenge coins but still has to work within the manufacturing process
thus the 2D proof.

Custom Challenge Coins With 3D Proofs

After the 2D proof is approved then the design moves to 3D proofs which
allows the customer to see the heights and elevations found with a US Air Force
challenge coin. Here the proof is not about art but more about the raised
images, the lettering and anything that is raised above the flat surface of the

When the airmen of the United States Air Force contacted us from Shaw Air Force Base they requested a highly detailed fire fighter coin on one side with a card dealing skeleton throwing Aces and Kings with the phrase “We Will Always Run In When Your Luck Runs Out”. The job of keeping the tarmac safe along the flightline is what these Air Force fire fighters do and the coin they wanted was to be an cool coin for their command. They got it. 

The revese side displays the flag of the Palmetto State, South Carolina with ladders, hooks, fire hydrant, Shaw AFB with established 1941 depicted on this challenge coin side.  The firefighters association of Shaw AFB will receive this incredibly detailed coin and we are honored to create it for them.

If you are interested in a custom challenge coins for the US Air Force and your command please contact us at for more information.