When it comes to Custom USMC Coins one often thinks how bad ass that coin is or how did it get made with such a cool USMC design associated with it. How thick is it? What metals were stamped to produce it? And where the hell did that artwork come from? All relevant questions when it comes to the design and production of Custom USMC Coins.

The short answer: experience. The United States Marine Corps has been a long time in terms of the United States and when a powerful and elite fighting force of men and women, American’s throughout, look for a Custom USMC Coin they want the best.

At Vision-Strike-Coins coins have been originally designed and produced for over 12 years. Their coins have been in the hands of the Commandant of the Marine Corps, seen behind the President’s in the White House, presented to the Secretary Of the Navy, designed and constructed for the US Constitution and have traveled the world over being challenged in the bars of Subic Bay and in any number of watering holes from Camp Pendleton to Quantico. The Custom USMC Coins created here were designed in a team atmosphere where US Marines and the custom coin design team of VSC marched together arriving at some of the most vibrant and professional USMC challenge coins seen in the industry.

The design team of VSC is made up of US military veterans with over 35 years of design experience with a specific focus on military art and design. Their varied backgrounds and focus on coin art has resulted in some of the most iconic approaches to USMC coin for over a decade.

Put this battalion of military coin artists to work for you and when its a coin design for your USMC unit or command, FRG or MWR fundraising efforts have the best designs produced for the very best results.

Success starts with a wicked custom USMC coin design. Email us for a quote at hq@vision-strike-wear.com.