Build’em, wrap’em, strap’em and send them is what an Aviation Ordnanceman does when he builds high explosive missiles and weapons for the modern American military. From the US Navy to the US Marine Corps, US Air Force and areas of the US military to secretive to mention come the Red Shirts. The men and women that build weapons that destroy the enemy pure and simple.

They are the highly trained men and women that help destroy the enemy. They are IYAOYAS for a reason and their brotherhood has stood the test of time with their famous acronym.  IYAOYAS means If You Ain’t Ordinance You Ain’t Shit. They are serious about this name and its identity. One of the most notable aviation ordnancemen, and originator of the term IYAOYAS, was Lieutenant John William Finn, who advanced in the United States Navy in a long career achieving the rank of chief petty officer. IYAOYAS!

IYAOYAS Not The Place For Participation Awards

There are no participation awards for coming in second place when it comes to the laws of high explosive which means zero mistakes ever. People can lose their lives swiftly as this most dangerous of United States Navy rates can easily be singled out as one that must have zero errors because the repercussions are immense. IYAOYAS is about teamwork and a profession within the military that spans decades. To be a part of the IYAOYAS fraternity is to be at the top of your profession especially when a 500 pound bomb needs constructing. 

IYAOYAS Challenge Coins

Without question some of the most kick ass US Navy challenge coins can be found in the form of IYAOYAS challenge coins. Who is this? Aviation Ordnancemen whose tools of the trade involve explosives and whose rate does so much from receiving, inspecting, sorting, handling airborne weapons such as Sidewinders, Harpoons, Paveways, HARM missiles and Mk80 bombs as examples. IYAOYAS members also work with air launched torpedoes, aircraft gun systems, sonobuoys, targets, pyrotechnics and ammunition and so much more. Because of the tools of the trade of any participating member of IYAOYAS the opportunity to design incredible art for their IYAOYAS challenge coins knows no bounds.

When we design a IYAOYAS challenge coin we look into the details of the military unit and command. We research its history, wars, battles and deployments it has been on. The type of military aircraft such as an F-18 Hornet as one example where a naval aircraft may be introduced into a design or possibly the unit credit and for obvious reason the military weapons they utilize. Grim Reapers, Jolly Rogers, bullets, all forms of ammunition, missiles, nautical themes and elements or even explosions going off have been involved in a IYAOYAS challenge coin. 

Many IYAOYAS challenge coins have also been designed with a custom challenge coin look and feel being requested from US Navy squadrons all over the fleet. A custom challenge coin is definitely one option when exciting, original and deadly graphics are introduced into a custom IYAOYAS custom challenge coin. At Vision Strike Coins the US military received only the finest custom challenge coins.

IYAOYAS Warheads On Foreheads

America loves her music and when a fantastic metal band by the name of Megadeth released an album entitled “Warheads On Foreheads” in 2019 it became an instant sensation for the IYAOYAS community. Nothing could be more fitting than this slogan in connection to an already iconic term, IYAOYAS.