President Challenge Coins

You may agree or disagree with the sitting president of the United States. You may not agree with public opinion and think the president is the greatest thing since sliced bread or would rather see the president drawn and quartered and left for the wolves to consume. We as small US Veteran owned and operated business that designs challenge coins have heard it all or nearly all when we first created the President Donald Trump challenge coin. We designed it. We created it. We posted it for sale and we received feedback. That feedback came in all sorts of forms and we believe it or not appreciated all feedback received. The reason we do is that we appreciate the fact that we have the freedom of expression in America and to listen to others who express their opinions as well. All comments both good and bad were received and always appreciated whether the sender of the message we agreed with or not. President challenge coins are a talking point, a collectible, a source of inspiration for some and an angry tirade for others. They are part of the American way of life and whether you like the guy or not it is a part of our culture and does participate in our socio-political world. Donald J Trump Commander In Chief Coin Why a challenge coin featuring President Donald Trump? The answer was a simple one. We were not in the business of creating challenge coins prior to his election and the campaigns leading up to his presidency. If we had been we would have had other presidents very likely created on challenge coins with President Barack Obama as an example. We do not make political decisions and favor one president over another when it comes to the development of a presidential challenge coin. We simply were not around at the time.

Love Him Or Hate Him The President Gets a Challenge Coin

President challenge coins have been produced for many if not all residing American Presidents at one time or another. They have been minted and produced by public mints or private ones produced specially for collectors and formed into precious metals sold online, on TV and over the internet. President challenge coins almost appear to be a staple in terms of their production since we elect or re-elect a US President with frequency and like so many things we collect in life one happens to be President challenge coins. President Challenge Coins 1 The same decision we reached as a small business that produces challenge coins. The creation of the General Mattis Secretary Of Defense Challenge Coin was reached based on the same criteria and we have to admit as a US Marine company and Mad Dog being who he is we had to create that coin. James Mattis Secretary of Defense Coin

Most Presidents Have a Special One

Since the 1990s, presidents have been creating and handing out their own President challenge coins. You may not already know but they will make one version available in gift shops and for the general public to possess. A special version of the President challenge coin is reserved to honor the achievements of some civilians and to be given out to dignitaries. The last few vice presidents have also produced their own challenge coins to hand out in honor of some civilians. This is not an uncommon practice by the President challenge coins always seem to take center stage. If you ever get recognized by the president for your contributions to the country, expect to be handed one of the president challenge coins directly from them. President Challenge Coins 2

Military Challenge Coins

Without saying the President of the United States receives a President challenge coin because he is not just the POTUS but because he is the Commander In Chief and that means he is the head of the US military in all things. So where there are President Challenge Coins there are also military challenge coins and they are frequently found doing any simple key word search on Google or elsewhere. Military challenge coins for decades have been exchanged, saved, memorialized and passed from generation to generation forming the very fabric of history between one American generation of warriors and the next. The military challenge coin just like a President challenge coin symbolizes our core desire to be leaders, to be at the head of the line and to never accept defeat. The president and president challenge coins do represent this as well because from a country of this many hundreds of millions of red blooded Americans only one person can become the President and given those odds alone don;t you think it pertinent to celebrate victory not just on the battlefield but also in the white House. A few military coins to show you how diverse and amazing military challenge coins have become and how professional a piece they are. The military coins displayed below are typically 2 inches in height, 4 mm in thickness which makes a pretty intense sounds when they get slammed down in a bar and their weight and depth allows healthier and deeper cuts into the metal to produce a truly exceptional 3d challenge coin. The coins displayed below were produced by Vision strike Coins and have become some of the most popular coins in the challenge coin industry today. Would you believe our coins sit in the White House on President Donald Trumps very own challenge coin rack (And yes the USS Duluth Association for whom the custom challenge coin was produced for is actively seeking photos of this very special coin.) Great Seal Of The United States Challenge Coin