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The US Border Patrol Texas Challenge Coin designed for the United states Border Patrol and its officers. The largest law enforcement force in the US, the border patrol has been an effective force protecting America’s borders since 1924.  This challenge coin is unique and exclusively offered by Vision Strike Coins which makes a perfect law enforcement gift. Border patrolman have enjoyed collecting these US Border Patrol Texas Challenge Coins since their creation and have added them to their personal challenge collection. This US Border Patrol Texas Challenge Coin features the symbology of the US Border patrol with a trooper on horseback, sun at his back, the US border states of California, Arizona and New Mexico.

  • Hand Painted green accents
  • Dual Tone Metallic Silver and Gold
  • Highly Detailed 3D Coin
  • 4mm Thickness
  • 2” Inches In Size
  • Limited Edition
  • Original Coin Art
  • Serialized

Vision-Strike-Coins.Com specializes in challenge coins for all industries and special interests. If you are interested in creating a new custom challenge coin and would like to receive a challenge coin quote from us please let us know. Check out more of Vision Strike Coins designed for firefighters, law enforcement and all branches of the US Military!


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