USS West Virginia Battleships Of Pearl Harbor 80th Anniversary Coin

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Collect All of them! Battleship Row.


USS West Virginia Battleships Of Pearl Harbor 80th Anniversary Coin marks the 80th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor and the sudden and deliberate attack on the United States that brought the US into World War 2. “A Date That Will Live In Infamy is inscribed on this handsome commemorative coin depicting the USS West Virginia and her awesome array of weapons, the US flag in the background, her Colorado Class marking her as a super dreadnought. Minted in gold and silver antique metals this USS Pennsylvania Battleships Of Pearl Harbor 80th Anniversary Coin is perfect for patriotic Americans that cherish our history and the US Navy. This is one of the coins that represents battleship row and the warships that were present at the time of the attack. She was later coined the ship that would not sink and was the only battleship to make way while under attack at Pearl Harbor.

The reverse on this handsome US Navy coin has the date December 7th, 1941 marking the day of the attack, the attacking airplanes of the Empire of Japan and its rising sun battle flag of that era.

USS West Virginia Battleships Of Pearl Harbor 80th Anniversary Coin Product Details

  • Highly detailed 3D Coin
  • Antique Gold and Antique Silver Plating
  • 4 mm thickness
  • 2″ Size
  • Serialized

Our USS West Virginia Battleships Of Pearl Harbor 80th Anniversary Coin is officially licensed by the United States Navy and was designed for active duty US Navy Sailors, veterans, prior service and friends of America’s Navy. 100% produced by US Veterans and crafted using the military artwork of Navy Crow. Famous for their challenge coin series each set of challenge coins marks a historical event, a warship, a US military action, battle or other significant historical military event that is worthy of a collectible series of coins. Our coin series are produced with original artwork, produced with the highest quality and attention to detail and often are developed in collaboration with active and retired US Navy Veterans with the goal of producing only the finest medallions for your personal collection or given out as a military gift. Our company focuses on unique characteristics for each design we create from the central image to the thickness of the coin to the base metals used like antique gold and silver metals. The finished coin you see here with the USS West Virginia BB-48 is one example of a finished design and brings out the USS West Virginia details this incredible warship deserves.

For over 14 years we have served at the request of the United States Navy providing razor sharp, leading edge art and design for apparel. US Navy Chief’s Messes and the Goat Lockers (CPOAs), First Class Petty Officer Associations (FCPOAs), Second Class Petty Officers Associations (SCPOAs), Junior Enlisted Associations (JEAs) and MWR (Morale, Welfare and Recreation) leadership have all received the finest in US Navy challenge coins from us. Highly detailed and thick USN coins are the hallmark of the work we do and stands apart from other companies. Our military art and United States Navy coins are recognized all over the United States Navy and worldwide for their quality and intricate details. When you are in the market for custom challenge coins feel free to contact us at Vision-Strike-Coins.Com. We will be happy to work with you on the design and coin manufacturing.

Experience the difference when you collect the US Navy coins from Navy Crow and take your US Navy challenge coin collection to the next level of quality and design. For more information about this challenge please contact us at


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