United States President Challenge Coins are connected to a variety of things from the role the office plays in governing the citizens of the United States to commanding the United States Armed Forces. It is the highest role and the most important job in the world when it comes to leading the free world. With a position like that you would consider very quickly that a President challenge coin would have to be equal to the task.

Challenge Coins

In the world of challenge coins you will find military coins for all branches of the US military, corporate coins for businesses and giveaways, fundraising events, corporate gifts, as items found in auctions from fire firefighter auctions to police balls. The number of ways a coin is used and its purpose goes from these specific things to something like a US President either during his 4 years or one created for a recent inauguration. United States President Challenge Coins really are a historical piece that is designed for an era of leadership from one decade to another, one style to another. The designs themselves and how they are created reflect the ages and carry a message of history from one American generation to the next.   

Virginia First Lady Pamela Northam passed out her “first lady challenge coins” to the students. “In military families, when you do something outstanding, often your commanding officer …

Military Challenge Coins

A military challenge coin is many things from the military command it represents to the unit commanders and leadership recognizing the accomplishments of its Soldiers, a career spent defending something, shared experiences from the deployments like those to Iraq or Afghanistan to a warship name and hull number that was someone’s home for several years. There is nothing more valuable than a memory and a military challenge coin covers this terrain. The Commander in Chief is the head of the US military and therefore the reason a United States President Challenge Coins should be created for each executive that takes this office. 

Custom Challenge Coins

Without question the United States military, law enforcement, firefighters and businesses ranging in size from a small Veteran owned company of just a few employees to corporate giants like Amazon, Microsoft, Nike, Adidas, HP, Home Depot all procure custom challenge coins for any number of reasons. They are a permanent statement carrying a message or icon that can be left for a generation to experience, or handed out to someone for their support of participation at a corporate event. In the end a custom challenge coin with its unique look and feel is as much about the military unit that designed it as it is to those who will accept them. 

Would you believe a custom challenge coin was even designed for the President and when the offices of President Trump called for his United States President Challenge Coins we went into Making A Challenge Coin Great Again mode and delivered to the oval office the 45th Presidents challenge coin.