Do you need US Navy Ship challenge coins?

It was your home for years. You served in the United States Navy for a number of years or even made it a career going to sea on numerous occasions and quite possibly on a variety of of US Navy ships. So again why not have a US Navy ship challenge coin? The answer is really quite obvious: because you were there!

Taking a Piece of the Ship to Shore

With an average of three years per rotation the US Navy Sailor spends their time working aboard their ship. They know every square inch. For them it is a matter of pride working day after day cleaning it, working in it and protecting it. When you get down to the sheer basics of it all even cleaning the ship’s bell leaves a sense of pride because you pass into generations of US Navy Sailors that connect with a ship. This is theirs, yours and those who will take ownership of it in years to come. A US Navy ship challenge coin is important because it represents your USN ship. It has to have the detail, character, professional and above all things the quality expected to represent so fine a ship.

Its about identifying with something very special and a home that is called upon to defend the US Constitution, freedom and the American way of life. Sailors come from all over the United States and bond together in a shared space with common goals and honing skills and becoming personal leaders as well as the leaders of the other Sailors as well. There is nothing more cohesive than a ship at sea with all oars rowing in the same direction. A US Navy ship challenge coin is all about these friendships and the tight and hard working crews of the United States Navy. That is why a US Navy ship challenge coin is so meaningful.

Just like every US Navy warship is unique, so is every US Navy ship challenge coin unique. Our US Navy design and art team made up of US Veterans crafts unique and original brand new designs for every US Navy client, working carefully to capture a crew’s character and honor their history and traditions. Some of the US Navy ship challenge coins Vision Strike Coins has designed for the US Navy are displayed below. These US Navy ship challenge coins shown the videos below provide images of the richness of detail, the accuracy of the art, the use of antique silver and gold metal plating and the vibrant translucent hand painted enamels. These US Navy ship challenge coins represent the ships of the line!

Displayed below are videos for very special US Navy ship challenge coins which consist of the following: USS Alabama, USS Enterprise, USS Hornet, USS Iowa, USS Lexington, USS Massachusetts, USS Missouri, USS Nautilus, USS New Jersey, USS North Carolina, USS Yorktown and the USS The Sullivans.

USS Alabama

USS Enterprise

USS Hornet

USS Iowa

USS Lexington

USS Massachusetts

USS Missouri

USS Nautilus

USS New Jersey

USS North Carolina

USS Yorktown

How to Make a Unique Design

When it comes to designing a US Navy ship challenge coin from the inspiration behind the challenge coin including its history, its special characteristics, mottos, name and hull number. Vision Strike Coins designed the US Navy ship challenge coins for the USS Constitution. Before even starting the art they researched the history of the ship, learned about its namesake, the battles and wars it fought in, how and why she was still listed on the active US Navy ship rolls and that she even is famous for being the only US Navy ship on active service responsible for the sinking of an enemy warship. We had to go back to the War of 1812 to learn about this. To build a great US Navy ship challenge coin is all about learning about it. Then the art can begin.

Designing Navy Ship Challenge Coins

When designing a US Navy ship challenge coin it can have some unique opportunities both creatively as well as its construction. Every US Navy ship has a story, a sea story, whether it was how many times it circumnavigated the globe, the times it crossed the equator turning its crew into a Shellback or becoming Bluenoses upon a US Navy submarine reaching the Arctic Circle. Every coin a story and every US Navy ship challenge coin with a life of its own. Our crew of US veterans have the background and years of experience to understand, listen to and comprehend the military aspects of each coin design they create.

Get Your Navy Ship Challenge Coin Designs Today

At Vision Strike Coins, we provide the easiest, friendliest and experienced way to create high-quality US Navy ship challenge coin online, from bow to stern. With over a decade of experience helping the US Navy, Chief’s Messes, CPOAs, FCPOA, SCPOA, JEAs and MWR fundraising efforts along with US military units and commands all over the world creating custom US Navy challenge coins, we have learned the likes and dislikes of each type of customer. With this in mind and the over 35 years of combined military art experience, we are able to create the perfect US Navy challenge coins for each valued customer.