USMC MOS Military Challenge Coins have to be rich in detail and quality, historic and be accurate for a United States Marine and our beloved Corps. The USMC MOS Military Challenge Coins we design for this amazing branch of US military warriors has the design elements that stand these coins apart from all others.

MOS Coins Artwork

Each USMC MOS Military Challenge Coin we produce is carefully researched adding the elements of that USMC MOS, the sharp details needed to include tools of the trade, the MOS number, a skull when and if that becomes part of the challenge coin and of course the Eagle Globe And Anchor.

USMC MOS Coins That Go The Extra Mile

Whether its a USMC MOS Military Challenge Coin designed for USMC grunts like the 0311 Rifleman coin, a 2111 Small Arms Repairer Coin, Motor-T, Landing Support Specialist “Red Patchers”, or an 0317 Scout Sniper coin the one thing that is for certain at Vision Strike You will not find better USMC challenge coins anywhere else.

USMC Licensed Coins

All the USMC MOS Military Challenge Coins produced by our staff of Veteran artists are under license with the United States Marine Corps. What this means is not only do they have their approval which is based on quality, approved art and design but even the factories we work with are approved by their offices. This relationship ensures that everything from start to finish from the art to the final manufacturing of each USMC MOS Military Challenge Coin we make is correct and maintains the highest level of quality.

A percentage of each USMC MOS Military Challenge Coin is sent to USMC licensing in support of their MWR (Morale, Welfare And Recreation) programs they oversee. We are a proud supporter of the work they do and all US Marines having served in our beloved United States Marine Corps.